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  • Toa5t    JasonandAndrew

    Bastard luck. Get better soon folks


    5 mins ago

  • Nikki    makemeamillionaire

    Hi Emma, Just to say I had a laugh when I came across your page via a link on Stuff.co.nz... I like your honesty & I am happy to give you a dollar towards your makemeamillionaire dream. I too am just your average kiwi living week to week on my wages but I reckon if you give then eventually a good deed maybe returned. As you say dreams are free & If you don't ask, you don't get & anything is possible, amazing things can happen... I hope you achieve this goal you have set in 6mths time. Would love to see how many Kiwis donate to this cause & hope they can make your dream a reality... P.S. The Edge Radio Station have left a message in the Q's & A's of your Give a Little Page. They want you to contact them to see if they can interview you. GOOD Luck 2u & yours Emma <3 ;)


    6 mins ago

  • Andy McKenzie    JasonandAndrew

    Thanks guys for your enthusiasm and smiles and making some great beers. Here's a bit to help you out until you can start doing all this again.


    10 mins ago

  • $10.00

    12 mins ago

  • Cryermalt    JasonandAndrew

    Can't wait for you two to get brewing again, we need you.


    13 mins ago

  • Wellington City Carpet Court    Help get Amanda & Paul to the IFDS Worlds 2015 in Melbourne

    What a great opportunity. Good luck with the fundraising and all the best for your adventures.


    13 mins ago

  • Guest Donor    charlienewbikefund


    17 mins ago

  • Everest Movie Fundraiser    Sherpas of Everest

    This money is 100% of the profits from the private screening of the movie Everest. Thank you to all those who attended.


    20 mins ago

  • Robin Hood    Oktoberfest 2016

    As a young man myself, I know only too well the heartache of losing a friend to work commitments hundreds of miles away. Yesterday I was doing my usual Monday afternoon rubbish cleanup along the beach and was rewarded with some good karma in the form of a half buried $1 coin. What better way to spend this than to re-unite some old mates #payitforward. can only imagine the look of surprise on your friends faces when you tell them how much money you have raised!


    21 mins ago

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