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6 Months Pregnant with Cancer

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We're wanting to engage the Devonport community, to band around Charlotte and give her the best chance that she has at survival.

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Charlotte is a wonderful French woman who has been living in Devonport, New-Zealand for the past 8 years. She is a beautiful, bubbly lady that works at a local Devonport coffee shop. She always brings a smile and kind conversation to whomever comes to have their morning coffee with her.

Five months ago, she discovered that she was pregnant and a little later found out she was having a baby boy. Her partner left her when he found out about the baby, but Charlotte decided to soldier on and have the child on her own. She was over the moon to be pregnant and began to prepare for the impending birth of her son.

Now six months on with her son due in May. She finds a lump in her breast. After a mammogram and a biopsy. The lump turns out to be cancer. She is now battling to have a healthy baby boy and to stay alive to raise him.

She's working two jobs, to pay for her treatment. But is fainting at work and struggling to put food on the table. As her money is all going towards her treatments and bills.

She is not close with her family, so we're really needing the Devonport community to rally around her. It's times like these that you realise you are a part of a big human family. We all need to support each other in our times of need.

Jeanne Reynolds' involvement (page creator)

I am someone who met Charlotte a few months ago, I heard about her story and I just had to help.

Use of funds

We're hoping to raise a good chunk of money that will go towards: treatments, food, and bills, so Charlotte has space to rest and heal. Any surplus funds will go towards Charlotte's time after birth, so she may have time off from work to recuperate and raise her baby boy.

Latest update

Thank you!  4 March 2019

Hi everyone that's kindly given to Charlotte and little Luka. Charlotte would just like you all to know how grateful she is for everything that everyone has donated so far.

It's been a whirlwind experience for her and she's so so grateful.

Charlotte is buckling down focusing on her treatments. Luka is strong and growing big.

We will be lengthening the campaign for a few more weeks as we still need to raise a little extra money, just to give Charlotte and Luka the best chance.

We trust you are having a blessed week and that the energy you put into donating to Charlotte's cause is gifting you in your own life.

Warmest regards!


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    oodia on 02 Mar 2019


    wishing you strength and energy x


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  • Steven Moskwa

    Steven Moskwa on 27 Feb 2019


    Charlotte you are such a strong person I know you will get through this !!! Sending you all my love.


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$15,284 donated

Given by 349 generous donors in 4 weeks

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