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6 years of bad news

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We have lost a whole family in 6 years and our IVF failed

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Hi guys here's our story it's a long one but

It's also a very tragic one so please stay with me

so my partner Del Revell was from a family of 4 had a normal up bringing she started working straight out of school eventually becoming a nanny she has a passion and a way with children that's magic her personality is inviting

And she makes friends literally everywhere she goes

So we go back 6 years ago her brother Ben who was a navy sailor was struck down with moto neuronal disease, for those who don't know what that means your body sends signals from your muscles to your brain and these pathways die leaving you in a vegetative state till eventually you die / drown he passed away sadly leaving behind a daughter and wife and a grieving family of 3

One year after bens death dels father starts to feel ill after some visits with his doctor he is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and given 6 month to live well he showed us he was so stubborn he actually made it 2 years and in that time he got everything in order for Dels mum and finally passed away at home now the family of 4 is down to a family of 2 del and her mum

They became very close in the last few years and we decided we wanted to add to the stock and have a child of our own first we tryed to adopt trying locally with no luck and also flying to Samoa which turned out to be a dead end

As we tryed for a while to have children naturally to no avail we went to see the doctor and found we both have a few issues which we kind of figured already and decided to try IVF Del doesn't meet criteria for government funding so we got a $24,000 loan also for those who don't know or haven't heard of IVF basically they take the females egg and the males sperm in a laboratory introduce the two and then implant back into the female for the best chance of pregnancy

so we got our loan approved and started our journey after the eggs were collected from Del some didn't make it and we had 2 chances the first time we tryed before Xmas. 2017 dels mum came with us and was in tears of joy at the prospect of being a grandparent and unfortunately it failed which was disappointing to say the least dell had set up a nursery at her mums house in preparation but we still had one last shot there was hope

Well guys Sunday 9th of September the IVF has failed And we are out of options actually don't know what to do if I could do anything to make it happen I would I'm hoping there are enough compassionate people out there that we might be able to get enough money together for a last shot

Del is the most caring beautiful intelligent person I know and she does so much for everyone while always remaining optimistic

But I can see the pain and torment she is going through before her family becomes a family of 1 please if you can spare even a dollar every bit helps.

Many thanks


Blair Stewart's involvement (page creator)

I'm dells partner I'm wanting to help put some sort of smile on her face after 6 years of misery

Use of funds

We are fundraising for another round of IVF hopefully successful any surplus money we will donate to charity

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  • Tey

    Tey on 08 Dec 2018


    All the best. God bless you and your family Blair and Adele


  • Jo-Anne Jarvis

    Jo-Anne Jarvis on 06 Oct 2018


    All the very best for you both..xx


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 26 Sep 2018



  • Jason Li

    Jason Li on 21 Sep 2018


    Hi Blair and Del, Hope you all the best, make it for your mum! Li's family


  • Jessica

    Jessica on 21 Sep 2018


    Such a sad story, good luck, I hope you get enough donations to have another round of IVF!


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$1,955 donated

Given by 46 generous donors in around 5 months

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