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Raising money for Shaun Davidson,24 and fighting malignant melanoma stage 4 which is in operable. The treatment is not funded in nz.

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Shaun was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma in April 2014. This year he has gone under two major surgeries for lymphnode dissection and 5 weeks of radiation treatment. Shaun has a young daughter who is 2 years old and a soon to be wife Stephanie. Shauns life was slowly getting back to normal after his surgeries and radiation and the young family were looking forward to the future and Xmas coming up. Unfortunately October Brought bad news. After a bout of vomiting Shaun was taken into the emergency department with a very inflamed liver. After cts and Mri scans doctors discovered that there was a blood clot in one of the veins into his liver which has caused one third of his liver to die off. This was causing all the pain, selling and nausea. A group of lymph nodes also are inflamed in these scans which leads doctors and melanoma specialists to believe the cancer has returned and the cancer has caused these issues as its playing nasty games with his liver. Unfortunately there is no chance of surgery as it is a very dangerous procedure that could lead to serious complications. Due to all the swelling of the liver a biopsy of these lymph nodes is impossible. The only option offered to Shaun is ipilimumab which is a immune therapy drug which affects T- cells fighting the cancer in his immune system. This drug is currently not funded by the New Zealand government and is $40 000 a dose. Obviously this year they have had no income due to shauns physical capabilities and they have a young child to look after. Them accessing these sort of funds is impossible. There is a scheme going with another drug company at the moment where if patients are treated with Ipilimumbab they will issue a drug called Mk -3475 for free on a two year trial. This drug is also a immune therapy drug that's showing promising results overseas.They understand this cancer isn't curable at this stage and have come to terms with that. They just want the option of being able to try this treatment, it may not work but it also could and that's the hope and chance this young man needs to try. 5 years ago there was no promising drugs or even drug trials available on the market for this disease. These drugs give them hope for their future and their family life. All they are asking for is more time to spend together and these drugs are their only hope. Every donation makes a difference and the family are overwhelmed by the ongoing support of family and friends so far. Thank you for taking the time to read this story.

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Shaun is 24 years old from Invercargill. Shauns daughter Olivia is 2 and he has a fiance stephanie. 2014 has been a terrible year for this family. Shaun was diagnosed with a serious illness.Specialist surgeons had discovered that it was Malignant Melanoma stage4 the most deadliest skin cancers there is.Shaun underwent 2major Surgeries to remove lymph nodes in his groin and abdomen and did 5weeks of radiation. The family thought they had a lucky escape and we're starting to look forward to their future. Things took a turn for the worst and doctors found the cancer has returned and has settled into lymph nodes above his liver. This time it is in operable and no radiation .This families life's was once again turned upside down. The oncologists have offered a drug called Ipilimumbab which is a drug which could be successful for Shauns condition. New Zealands healthcare system doesn't fund this drug and its $40,000 a dose. Please donate to help buy some time for this beautiful family and give them some hope and help Shaun fight against this terrible disease.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Shaun Davidson.

  • $44,089.00 donated
  • 937 generous donors

$44,089 donated

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