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Acclaim Otago developed a shadow report for the United Nations outlining the issues people disabled by injury face. We believed that the NZ

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We are raising extra funds required to send two representatives to the UN in September when the NZ government will respond to the list of issues identified by the UN. One of the representatives has an injury herself so we are trying to upgrade her flight to make the trip possible for her. Our shadow report can be found

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Acclaim Otago (Inc) is a support group for injured people and their families. We have written a shadow report to the United Nations which outlines issues people who are disabled by injury have and how the NZ Governements legislation and policies comply with the Convention on the Rights of People with Disability. The UN Committee has now issued a list of issues, one of which is the "Access to Justice" issue we raised in our shadow report. We are now fundraising for extra funds to allow us to travel to Geneva in September to be present when the NZ Government will respond to the UN Committee's questions.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Acclaim Otago .
“A great cause proud to support”
“Keep up the great `David and Goliath' battle on ACC. I wonder if someone could creat a huge class action like `Erin Brochovich' did. (She did a class action against poisons, not ACC)”
“Great work Denise”
“Like many others affected by the criminal actions of ACC.. I to need to see all this sorted, pulled apart, flattened and ironed out for all NZrs past, present and for future claimants whom, if injured with long term issues won't have to endure the nasty, criminal actions of ACC policies and procedures, used negligently against injured to the further detriment of injured claimants health and future lives. If only I could give and match what is required I dearly would. All the best, may you advance well in this endeavour to 'Put things to rights' for Injured NZrs.. Safe travels.”
“Wish we could fund the lot.”
“I've been mauled by ACC so many times and because I can't afford to take them to court they get away with it. It's cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even just last week they used duress to change a written agreement. Go get 'um guys.”
“All the best guys, thanks for all your hard work!”
“Sorry I could not send more, have had a bad year, one person or organisation can make difference, keep up the good work. Cheers Jeannette”
“Well Done, Denise. Keep up the great work you are doing.”
“Best of luck over there!!”
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