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A parents worst nightmare

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To help Jarrod and his children build some holiday memories together before his passing

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Please, we need your help … Jarrod is losing the battle with Bowel Cancer and won't get to see his two children grow up.

Our friend Jarrod is a 39 year old dad to two beautiful children and very recently he was diagnosed Stage lV Sigmoid Adenocarcinoma (Bowel Cancer) and it has further advanced to his liver. The specialists say it is non-operative and he have approximately 18 months left of life. As you can imagine he is terrified both for himself and for the future of his children.

He and his children have the support of his loving mum who at 64 suffers poor health herself but she hasn't let this slow her down. She has been a rock and without her he couldn’t have got this far. He fears for her also once he has passed on. Who will look after his children and support his mum? How will they cover the cost of his funeral? These things and many more are playing through his mind.

Your contributions aren’t to help save Jarrod’s life, or to pay for treatment or bills. Jarrod wishes to have one final holiday with his children. He would love to take the children to see his older brother and his family in Brisbane, Australia. One beautiful sunny week filled with laughter, theme parks, fun and memories for the kids.

The attached photo is of Jarrod, 7 year old son Xavier and 6 year old daughter Harmony. Any contributions you make will go towards the holiday in Australia, and if there is anything remaining it will go towards Jarrod’s funeral costs as neither Jarrod or his extended family are in a position to pay for a funeral. It would give him peace of mind that his funeral costs are taken care of.

Thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts. Jarrod’s story and need is genuine. The Givealittle Helpdesk now have a copy of Jarrod's Medical notes. Please contact them if you have any concerns or questions about the validity of Jarrod's illness.

See the article written about Jarrod on 15/01/18

28/02/18 The page closes today. Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Jarrod. The holiday hasn't happened yet as Jarrod is liaising with his doctors on the best time to travel as he has frequent courses of chemo to undergo. At this stage the doctors think May 2018 may be the best time as this will be between courses of chemo. All going well Jarrod and his children will be flying to sunny Brisbane very soon!

Funds will go towards the holiday in Australia and any excess will help with the funeral costs

Page created by:

Sondja Emmerson


I have known Jarrod and his family for close to 30 years and he is like a brother to me. I feel compelled to help him achieve his holiday dream.

All funds raised benefit:

Jarrod Troy Hider

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Sondja Emmerson on behalf of Jarrod Troy Hider.

  • $9,720.00 donated
  • 192 generous donors

$9,720 donated

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