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  • Sadly Jarrod has passed away     06 August 2018

    Jarrod lost his battle with Bowel Cancer on 24th July. Only 39 years old and leaving behind his two beautiful children. Jarrod was laid to rest with a beautiful, heartfelt service.

    His family sincerely appreciate the ongoing support they have received.

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  • Sadly Jarrod is in his final hours     24 July 2018
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    The family request no more visitors now. They are keeping a constant vigil by his side in the hospice and are exhausted as you can imagine.

    Jarrod did get to do some amazing things in the past few months. All made possible by the incredible generosity of you all. Again thank you so much for your support, kindness and friendship.

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  • Update on Jarrod's progress     23 May 2018

    Sadly Jarrod's Cancer has spread even further and is now in his bowel, liver and chest. The cancer in his chest is very aggressive and pushing down on his vocal chords which is inhibiting his speech. As a result, Jarrod's life expectancy has been reduced to 6-9 months. As you can imagine, Jarrod is very tired and struggling to do day-to-day tasks.

    The Aussie holiday isn't likely to happen due to a number of factors.

    1. Australian Immigration are playing hardball because of his criminal record from 10 years ago.

    2. His health is deteriorating to the point that the holiday he dreamed of would be too taxing on him physically.

    3. His doctor is reluctant for him to travel or be away for any great length.

    So instead, Jarrod is planning a Kiwi getaway with his kids and soon as each day is precious and he wants to enjoy the experience too. I think this is a wonderful idea. The children are very disappointed in missing out on Aussie, but NZ has much to offer and I'm sure they will still have a wonderful time.

    Thank you to everyone who took an interest in Jarrod and for your ongoing support.

    A special mention to Mike Pero, Staff & Parents at Waitakiri Primary School, Grace Vineyard Beach Campus

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  • Holiday update info     28 February 2018

    Thank you so much to everyone who donated to Jarrod. The holiday hasn't happened yet as Jarrod is liaising with his doctors on the best time to travel as he has frequent courses of chemo to undergo. At this stage the doctors think May 2018 may be the best time as this will be between courses of chemo. All going well Jarrod and his children will be flying to sunny Brisbane very soon!

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  • A big thanks to everyone!     03 February 2018
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    Jarrod and his family again want to extend their gratitude to everyone for your generosity. He's blown away that so many people want to help him.

    Jarrod wanted me to make a special mention of a recent gift of V8 Hot Laps from Mike Pero. This was a long-held dream of Jarrod's. He's long been a speedway fan. I bet he's still grinning from ear to ear.

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  • Stuff article about Jarrod's story     24 January 2018

    A big thank you to Joel Ineson from Stuff.co.nz. Your article released on 15/01/18 was so appreciated.


    You didn't gloss over the facts about his past and we didn't want you too. Jarrod is human and has made errors, just as we all have. Jarrod is now looking ahead and wanting to make the most of what time he has left, and to be the best dad he can.

    The outpouring of support and kindness has been tremendous. And the support has come from all around the world. Absolutely amazing. Please know folks that because of your generosity, Jarrod and his children will get to have that holiday together.

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  • Medical evidence of diagnosis has been provided to the Givealittle Helpdesk     09 January 2018

    Give a Little have requested we provide medical evidence of Jarrod's illness/diagnosis due to a number of enquiries.

    The Givealittle Helpdesk now have a copy of Jarrod's Medical notes. Please contact them if you have any concerns or questions about the validity of Jarrod's illness.

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  • Jarrod is overwhelmed with the generosity shown so far     04 January 2018
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    He is in awe and humbled that so many people have shown him kindness.

    Some folk who can't give have messaged him privately with words of support and encouragement.

    One lovely man generously contributed his photography skills and time and did some beautiful photographs of Jarrod and the children. See the black and white photograph shown in this update.

    Thank you so much to everyone. Whether it's a kind word, gift of your skills or money. It all means so much to Jarrod and his loving family and friends.

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  • $9,720.00 donated
  • 192 generous donors

$9,720 donated

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