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Abandoned UK Youth in Borneo

  • New Chapter

      17 September 2021
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    I am so incredibly happy, and somewhat emotional, to share that Michael has arrived safely in Aberdeen. There was a bit of a mix up at London Heathrow Airport initially and he got caught up in a group of people that were to be taken to a covid hotel.

    A bit stressful for everyone for a moment as we lost touch with Michael, partly because he isn't very cognisant about communication.

    Big thanks to Sam in Aberdeen. The the social support volunteer she arranged at Heathrow arranged to provide assistance to Michael on his arrival was able to make contact with Michael and things came right.

    Michael finally got to his Aberdeen connecting flight and arrived around 7:30pm UK time.

    Provided are photos of him outside Aberdeen airport, driving pass his old family flat and finally a photo of Samantha with Michael, where he is staying.

    I have also have 2 videos. One of him conversing with Sam and husband Max. Also one of his accommodation.

    Due to lack of sleep I tagged out when I knew he was safe in the UK, once Samantha could take over. Not clear at the moment if this is his final accommodation as the plan was one night in emergency housing and then hopefully a council flat.

    I will hope to catch up with Sam later today to see what the final accommodation arrangements have been.

    Thank you again to all of you for your contributions. Everything you have given is generous no matter the sum. As this will help us give him a good start also in Aberdeen. And the new chapter for Michael will come with many of it's own challenges and expenses.

    Sam has set up an account for Michael and will manage all funds received and will feed this to Michael in a measured manner or use it for any additional support he will need.

    Over the next week we hope to understand better what assistance Michael will get and where we will need to plug the gap.

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  • Photos arrival in KL with video message

      15 September 2021
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    A video message from Michael in KL airport. Some photos and a very special surprise. Michael's sister who he hasn't seen for 6 years braved the authorities during their lockdown to get to him. I wasn't aware until she was nearly there and Michael had no idea until she showed up. She cant believe how tall he actually is. About 6'3"!!

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  • Leg one complete

      15 September 2021

    Michael has landed in West Malaysia and in transit for his flight to the UK.

    He is in good spirits and feels like a free man able to move around without fear.

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  • On the way

      15 September 2021

    Michael got the all clear in LFD and PCR covid test results that came through late yesterday. He is now on his way to the airport for the first leg of this flight. I will give updates as he gets through each stage.

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  • Preparing for departure

      14 September 2021

    Hi everyone. Somewhat nerve wrecking moment. Michael has to pass a covid test to fly tomorrow.

    His PCR test today came back inconclusive. So he has now needed to take another test and pay again. So a bit of a hole in budget to a tune of $500 Malaysian Ringgit for two test. About $200 NZD. We have also gotten him to get and LFD antigen test as this is less sensitive a test and still acceptable though better to get a pass on the PCR. The LFD test is usually $120MYR, but they are aware of his situation and waived this test.

    So the countdown is on to get the results.

    With an all clear he will leave for the airport at 7:30am tomorrow morning Malaysian time (11:30am NZ Time). Take his flight to Kuala Lumpur and transit for about 12hrs before taking his flight to Dubai, where he will change over on flights to London Heathrow.

    On arrival he will have a 6 hr transit period and should arrive in Abeerdeen around 9pm UK time on the 16th September.

    Just waiting now for the test results.

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  • Progress

      6 September 2021

    We have made some progress after a couple of rocky starts last week where Michael was initially turned away from his first appointment, and then being made to wait for his second meeting due to operations preparing for a raid. Michael did finally have his meeting with Immigration. We are hopeful on the 8th of September there will no issues with him receiving his departure pass from Immigration. Anything is possible. After receiving his pass Michael will go to the police station to apply for approval to travel. On the 13th we will look to get Michael's covid test but this is challenging in itself from a timing to travel and also making sure we get one that meets UK criteria.

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