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Adrian Hardie

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Help us to help a beloved family member to raise funds for treatment needed to fight a brain tumor, which is not publicly funded.

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Treatment Cancer

Adrian at the age of 49, 2016 was diagnosed with a Anaplastic Astrocytoma / GBM Brain Tumour.

The side effects from this tumour is lack of hand coordination and forgetfulness, which means Adrian has been unable to work or drive for the past year.

Treatment so far this year has been chemo / radiation, which held growth for a good part of this year, sadly after the last MRI scan the tumour has started to grow again.

Adrian's prognosis without further treatment is likely to measure less than six months. The only option is to go privately with a drug called Avastin given with chemo. Unfortunately this treatment is not funded through our public health system. The cost per treatment is $9015.00 per three weekly cycle and it is recommended that Adrian has 12 lots of treaments. This Drug, known as Avastin offers good response rates of 35-50%.

Adrian has spent his life helping others, whenever he got a call to say something wasn't working, be it lawn mowers, whiteware, camper-vans or cars. When I, his Mum asked "why don't you charge to fix all these things?" he said "I get great satisfaction from fixing things," "what goes around, comes around"

Adrian has worked from the age of sixteen, when he started his first apprenticeship as a office equipment technician. Adrian has also completed his second apprenticeship as a refrigeration engineer. Adrian also spent time fixing whiteware appliances, so a "Mr a fix it extraordinaire!"

At the time of Adrian's diagnosis he was working for Hi-Tec Refrigeration and Aqua Vent based in Tauranga and Rotorua.

Adrian is a kind, generous, fun loving person, who see's the good in all people and all aspects of life.

Adrian is loved by his partner Debbie Galbraith, his Mum & Dad, Peter & Lesley Hardie, sister Jayne Ridley and all extended Hardie, Bunting and Galbraith families.

Adrian & Debbie live in Tauranga with their two cats Puss Puss & Goldie.

If you are considering a donation, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Adrian's family

To help pay for private treatment of a drug called Avastin which is $9015.00 per three weekly cycle.

Due to the symptoms caused by the tumor which are, forgetfulness, lack of coordination and mobility issues. I have had to take out POA to help Adrian, as I'm retired I have more time to be able to assist, as Debbie works Full time.

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Lesley Hardie

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Adrian Hardie

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Lesley Hardie on behalf of Adrian Hardie.

  • $10,767.00 donated
  • 51 generous donors

$10,767 donated

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