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Ajah King Recovery ❤


Ajah King (7 years old) and her beautiful family has had their lives turned upside down recently. What was a sprained ankle to begin with had turned into so much more. It never healed, so after further tests Ajah & her mum Sharon were sent to Starship to get a diagnosis. The family got the worst news any parent could ever hear. Their 7 yr old has bone cancer. They had just a couple of days to let this process for not only themselves but Ajah to. Today 7th Sept Ajah had to have her leg amputated from the knee down. This has been a huge shock for the family and Ajah to come to terms with, so myself with Leanne Pogson have set up this page so people can contribute anything they can towards Ajahs recovery & the costs for the family to travel to & from Starship & any other upcoming expenses. We want to help to take the financial burden off the family so they can concentrate on the healing process for Ajah.

Thankyou x

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My friends little girl

Use of funds

The use of funds will help Sharon and her family with the financial needs for Ajahs recovery.

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Still shining bright  23 February 2021

Posted by: Sharon Hockings

Ajah is still going strong! We are slowly beginning to see the end of the treatment road....on the count down to return home back to Wellington still got a few months and still taking it day by day ...the continued messages of support and love has given and still does give us the strength to carry on ....Ajah has her prosthetic limb and Is learning to walk again after a month of fittings and trials the new one is lighter ..it will be hard but like everything else I'm sure she will battle on until it becomes her new normal ❤️💜💚

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TC on 15 May 2021
I'm pretty sure I met this amazing person named Ajah and her lovely Mum in Christchurch recently at my work (Warehouse Stationery). The thing that stood out to me was despite everything that Ajah is going through (which is quite alot for anybody let alone a 7year old) she was still able to have a big smile on her face.
Sharon Hockings

Thank you ..yes we were in Christchurch but home now ...thanks again

Sharon Hockings
Pepere Whānau
Pepere Whānau on 24 Feb 2021
☆💕☆ Kia Ora Beautiful ♡ ☀️⭐🌈🌙
Bianca on 24 Feb 2021
Such a brave lil human you are xx ❤ 💕 💖 much love hunny 😘
Rachel on 17 Jan 2021
All the best
Barb on 30 Dec 2020
Keep fighting little wahine toa Much love xxxx Tell Koro he needs to share shortbread with you when he gets it

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