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Anne's Appeal for Stem Cell Therapy for MS - Updates - Givealittle

  • I have reached my goal!     24 September 2019

    Hi all.

    I am updating you all to let you know that between this givealittle page, personal donations, and an amazing quiz night I have reached my goal!!

    I am deeply grateful to you all for your help. I have been helped in so many ways, not just financially. People pitched in with organising auction items, people donated auction items, my little team of ladies who helped me organise everything not only kept my sanity but rallied around and offered all kinds of help and support. I had close family friends set up the most amazing quiz night and wouldn't let me help. That collected a whopping $10K alone in one night! The support has come in all forms; emotional, moral, not to mention financial. From complete strangers to close friends, I have been embraced, loved, supported and helped in ways I could not imagine. What would I have done without you all? Due to the nature of my situation I was also eligible to tap into my Kiwi Saver. I cannot thank you all enough. I am deeply humbled by your kindness and compassion. I am definitely feeling the love! Due to me reaching my goal well ahead of time I am going to shut down this page.

    To keep up the spirit of giving and kindness that has been shown me, I will be paying it forward. When I am up and working again, I will be keeping my eye out on these givealittle pages and donating when and where I can. and looking for other pay-it-forward opportunities.

    If anyone would like to follow my journey, I have a Facebook Page. Please note that I am no longer going to Russia for this treatment, but now to New Delhi, India. The link to the Facebook page says Anne2Russia but I wont change this now in case I lose the page. This is the link if you are interested.

    Once again lovely people, from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU, from my family and I! I am going to India to get a rebooted immune system to hopefully put this MS into a permanent remission, and this has happened becuase of your kindness.

    I hope you have a wonderful week.

    Anne Besley

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  • Fundraising Quiz Night     5 August 2019

    Come and join us at the Milford Bowling Club for a fun quiz night on the 7th September at 6.15pm to raise funds for me to get the India for HSCT (Haematopoetic Stem Cell Therapy). There is a bar, there will be pizza, and some fabulous auctions. Some of the auction items are....

    A weekend away for two at Air BnB in Pauanui...

    A 5 night stay at a luxury 2 bedroom appt 50 meters from the noosa river and any number of restaurants, coffee shops (does not include flights)...

    A 30 min flight for one around the Auckland CBD...

    A Dysport (like Botox) consultation & treatment to the value of $300...

    1 treatment of 2 tubes of PRP, Valued at $750 . Platelet rich plasma transfers of growth factors with stem cells...

    A hair cut and colour voucher...

    A beauty therapy voucher...

    A massage voucher...

    There are other things, so please keep your eyes on this and my facebook page because I will be making posts about what the auction items are! See the below link...



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  • Change in the country I am being treated in     5 August 2019

    Hello lovely people. Just a quick update from me. I have been having an awfully anxious time about remaining on my current MS medication due to the threat of contracting the brain infection PML. I have since found out that I can have this treatment done in a world class hospital in New Delhi, India, and I only need to collect $75,000. I have stopped my MS medication due to the threat of contracting PML, and India have accepted me as soon as I have had the obligatory “wash out” period of my current MS medication before starting the gruelling chemo regime. So, hopefully somewhere in the next 8-10 weeks I will be winging my way to New Delhi. As I have stopped the MS meds now, I need to get this done soon so the MS doesnt hit me with a bad rebound relapse. So, great news all round! Thanks for your on going support of me!

    Have a wonderful evening, Anne

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  • Western Leader Article     11 July 2019
    Main image

    My story made the font page of the Western Leader today. Went to the supermarket, had a friend rush up to me kidding about wanting my autograph! 😊

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  • A BIG thank you to all people who have donated     9 July 2019

    I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has donated to me so far. i am truly humbled by you generosity. Thank you so much. So many people I don’t know have donated to me and I am just blown away. Thank you everyone, form the bottom of my heart. Anne

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