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Art’s spinal tumour (Chondrosarcoma)

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Art’s wife is currently unable to work & needs to be there for Art to support him while he recovers and to build his spirits back up.

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Art Abbott was diagnosed just recently during the covit-19 lockdown with Chondrosarcoma a rare tumour in his spine. It was causing him terrible pain, he kept falling and he was no longer able to walk on his own. Chondrosarcoma cancers are resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy so the only treatment available was to operate and remove the tumour.

Art is one of the most caring, kind and thoughtful people I know. He is always visiting and helping others who are sick or lonely. Art is Married to Margaret and is Dad to Rachel and James. He is a much loved Poppa to Caleb, Addison, Alyssa and Mateo.

Art’s tumour was able to be removed after a long 13.5 hour operation on the 7th of May. Along with the tumour a large amount of his spine had to be removed as well and was replaced with a Spinal Prosthesis. His spinal cord needed to be patched up as the tumour had begun to wrap around it. Luckily he appears to still be able to feel his feet and move them like before the operation.

The road to recovery is going to be long after such a huge operation. The surgeon had told him prior to the operation he would be in hospital for months and there will be a lot of rehabilitation required.

Rachel Rogers' involvement (page creator)

I am Art and Margaret’s daughter, Rachel Rogers.

Use of funds

The funds will be used to support Margaret and Art while Margaret is unable to work. To also help pay for hospital parking costs and anything else Art requires to help him to recover.

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July update  11 July 2020

Posted by: Rachel Rogers

Hi, to all the wonderful people who have been so supportive throughout our ordeal to this point. Art's Rehabilitation programme is full on, five days a week and goes from 9am until 4pm Monday to Friday. Everything they do at the unit is preparing them for life post Spinal injury or medical event. They learn new skills to make them as independent as possible for life outside of this awesome facility. They have electric wheelchair manoeuvring lessons and they go out into the community, learn how to cross busy roads and looking out for obstacles.

Because Art is so busy during the day, I checked out the possibility of getting some relieving up here and it has worked out so well. I have been working most days at a centre close by, it is a small centre and the teachers are lovely. I finish work no later than 4pm and I head out to see Art, get home around 6.30 ready for tea and bed.

Art is learning how to turn himself to prevent bedsores. He is practicing getting in and out of a car. He has Hand Classes which involves massaging but also making different items for his dexterity. He enjoys these classes but he has fallen asleep, some things do not change! LOL. He is able to get from his wheelchair to his bed with the aid of equipment that supports him to stand from his chair and a seat is attached for him to sit on his bed, from there he must bring his own legs up onto the bed. His left leg feels like a heavy weight, and has to be lifted manually. During lockdown, when Art became less and less able to walk, he started using a walking stick but had to get a walker and it wasn't long before he was falling over using the walker. I noticed that his left foot was curling in, this is now a real problem as his foot is twisted so putting weight on it is very painful. Unless they can get the foot to be flat he will not be able to walk. It has not shown much improvement with all the therapy. They are working hard to correct it with massage and moon boot type support but has splints open at the sides. They are painful to wear and were keeping him awake at night, so the latest is that he wears them for two hours during the day. They will slowly increase the time he is in them.

We had a family meeting with all the people working with Art, Rachel was with me and James was on the phone listening in and asking questions. Art was able to have his say and it was lovely to see the close relationships he has built with the Physios and Occupational Therapists. The nursing team are working on his bladder and bowel issues, the feeling in this area is beginning to come back, the nerves feels like someone is poking him with pins. He is now waiting for a more permanent catheter point to be inserted just below his belly button. This involves an operation which is done at Auckland Hospital, he is on the list and they are aware of his situation. We are hoping that he will have this done before he leaves the Spinal Unit.

Even with all his progress they expect that he will be in a wheelchair for quite some time and he will need a hospital bed. They have checked out our house and have suggested that he use the formal lounge as his room, I too had thought that might be the best way. He won't be using a bathroom; he will have to have sponge baths in this setting..... I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't that. There are still a lot of unknowns for us to work through. When he leaves the Unit, he will go back to Rotorua Hospital to the rehabilitation ward to get more treatment before he comes home. The good thing about that is that he will be able to have more visitors. He will love that!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to each and every one. We love you all.

God Bless you

Art, Margaret and family 💕💕

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Latest donations

Emily and Stefan
Emily and Stefan 3 days ago
Hope you’re all doing okay, Sending lots of love xx
Rachel Rogers

Emily and Stefan, many thanks for your kind gift for Mum and Dad xxoo

Rachel Rogers
Stephen 6 days ago
Thinking positively for you all now that I have heard your news
Rachel Rogers

Dear Stephen, many thanks for your kind gift and your positive wishes for Mum and Dad. I hope you are well. Kindest Regards, Rachel

Rachel Rogers
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 04 Jul 2020
Hope you are doing well with your recovery
Rachel Rogers

Thanks very much for your kind donation.

Rachel Rogers
Aunty Sue & uncle Graham
Aunty Sue & uncle Graham on 30 May 2020
Thinking of you all, from HB family
Rachel Rogers

Dear Auntie Sue and Uncle Graham, thanks for your kind gift for Mum and Dad. Love Rachel

Rachel Rogers
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 30 May 2020
Rachel Rogers

Dear B, thanks for your kind gift for my Mum and Dad. Love Rachel x

Rachel Rogers

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