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Say No To Craddock Farms 310,000 Caged Hens!

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Craddock Farms have applied to build a new intensive farm for 310,000 hens in South Auckland.

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  Auckland Animal Welfare Protest Awareness

Craddock Farms who own intensive egg layer farms have applied to build a new intensive farm for 310,000 more hens in the small South Auckland village of Patumahoe. In late 2014 there was a hearing for the application where the three opposing submitter's fought vigorously to prevent this travesty from occurring.

With the weight of the local community and the Animal Rights group behind them the submitter's managed a successful defense and the independent commissions declined the application in full on the 13th of January 2015.

However, Craddock farms having already purchased a significant property are not willing to let this go without further fight and have now appealed the commissioners decision to disallow the new intensive farm to go ahead.

The appeal will be heard in the Environment Court and will be very costly - more than double that of the original hearing. This givealittle fund is to to provide financial backing for the submitter's and wider community to continue the fight with legal and other expert representation to keep hens out of cages.

Peta Berry's involvement (page creator)

I am involved because my family is the closest neighbor to the proposed intensive farm and as such we have an official role/right in the process to object. We are using this right to defend the community and hens to maintain their freedom of choice.

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310,000 Caged Hens   13 April 2015

Hi There,

We are working towards a court date which could be in the second half of the year but we are not resting on our laurels. We have lots of exciting fundraising events coming up for you so keep posted for dates.

In the interim I thought you might like to see what can happen when caged hens stop laying eggs. Generally all of the ex laying hens are culled by the thousands. With the Craddock proposal that would be 31,000 hens killed over two weeks when they prepare the shed for the new hens.

However, sometimes the farmers will allow animal rights groups to buy them and then they can be rehomed where they can scratch and roam freely as nature intended. Recently some friends rescued over 1,500 hens in one go! These girls were rehomed and will go on and live long happy lives.

12 of them came to live with me over a week ago. Here is a picture of them in their new home, they look a bit worse for wear as most of them have broken wings but over time, with some much deserved tlc they will be beautiful happy hens again.

Please share our story with your friends and family.

Thank you for your support


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  • Peter Familton

    Peter Familton on 28 Nov 2015


    By magnitude, factory farming is surely one of the worst crimes in history. Chickens - such beautiful and gentle creatures - are forced to suffer the worst. I really wish you guys all the best.


  • Briar

    Briar on 26 Nov 2015



  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 26 Nov 2015


    We support the move to free cadged animals from the greed and unconscious of corporations. We hope one day that the world will grow and not be so cruel and unkind. We want to live in harmony with all living things.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 25 Nov 2015



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$8,272 donated

Given by 227 generous donors in around 11 months

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