Help Restore the Beauty of Nature, After Heartbreaking Loss

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After dedicating her life to protecting nature a storm has destroyed fencing and beautiful native forest, can you help Marie restore it?

Akaroa, Canterbury

After living though a terrifying storm that devastated the forest and left us with no road access for months, no phone and no driveway, we woke the next morning to find that all of our fencing to protect native forest was destroyed and the beautiful 50 year old forest literally ripped out by it’s roots.

The full main stream of the property was fenced and forested with mature trees. It is now a wide boulder field with steep stream banks. The side streams and forest areas were also fenced and protected to allow for native biodiversity. Approximately half the property was protected native forest. Freshwater ecologists have confirmed there are NO insects left in the main stream.

There are so many ways you can help, please SHARE this page widely, come and help replant the trees, get involved in educational days, or give-a-little. You can contact us on

Ōkaruru/Goughs Bay was recognised by ECan for it’s high stream values and has a nationally important wetland. After this storm, banded kōkopu and many eels were found dead in the mud. The whole stream system is now at risk.

We have lost 28 fences in total and 9 boundary fences, including two full stream fences and the fences around two forest reserves. A meter of fencing is $30 and a tree with plant guards is $10.

We can set aside more land than we did before and protect more native forest and restore the stream, replanting trees to return the beauty and the birdsong.

Marie has spent her lifetime working in conservation and enhancing communities, and is a storyteller inspiring others to be the change in the world. She never thought that this would happen to the land she loves and manages, but instead of giving up hope she wants to make this place better for future generations, better than it was before the storm.

While nature will heal eventually, it won't without fences to exclude cattle and sheep, and by controlling weeds.

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Fencing, native plantings, stream protection

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Restoring Ōkururu - We've Started the Process (of starting again)  9 January 2022

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your donation! You give me hope to start again to protect the biodiversity and the beauty of my home in Okaruru Goughs Bay.

You can read all about it in my latest blog here:

Today I'm excited to announce that we started the stream fencing, we only managed to fence 30 meters in four hours and we estimate we have two kilometers to do, but it's a start and I was finding beautiful little native trees where the storm hadn't swept through.

In other places it's still hard to adjust to the changes and there are places on our property that I just won't go yet, like the main stream, I will give that time for me and for it to heal.

I am also finding a lot of weeds, and the long term prospect of weed control to allow natives to thrive is daunting, but it's best to stick to the positives and the little trees that will benefit from our new fencing, and the beautiful old mature trees that are still standing are what I am holding in my mind.

Please help to spread the word by sharing my givealittle page and staying in touch. I'll be sending out regular updates.

Many thanks again,


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Latest donations

David 2 days ago
thank you for your mahi and kaitiakitanga.
Marie Haley

Thank you David, there is much work to do, your generosity does help us have the energy to keep going, soon the exciting part of planting can start to begin, but for now it is fencing fencing fencing. Thank you so much. Marie

Marie Haley
Rachel 2 days ago
So sorry about the terrible damage. Rachel x
Marie Haley

Rachel! Thank you so much, you are so kind. At least the devastation gives me even more purpose. Many thanks, Marie

Marie Haley
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 15 Jan 2022
Marie Haley

Thank you so much for your donation, it means a lot in helping me restore the forest. Marie

Marie Haley
Elena on 12 Jan 2022
Marie Haley

You are so kind Elena, you really didn’t need to do that after all the support you’ve offered us. Many thanks, Marie

Marie Haley
Kerstin on 09 Jan 2022
Marie, we are with you in our thoughts and would love to give you a hand. Please do not give up. Love, Kerstin
Marie Haley

Oh, thanks Kerstin! We managed nearly 30 meters of fencing today in about 4 hours, we estimate that we’ve lost 2km’s. But in the future it will be beautiful again!

Marie Haley

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