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BaristaCats Cafe is home to 13 wonderful rescue cats with varying degrees of ongoing health needs

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Located in the heart of Auckland’s CBD, BaristaCats’ mission is to provide a refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life for humans and animals alike. If you’re looking for a space to chill out, have a coffee and make some fluffy friends then BaristaCats Café is the place for you.

We are home to thirteen fabulously furry residents and up to four visiting or foster cats who love to mingle and play. Our focus is on hard-to-adopt-out cats so many of our cats are older and have special needs, but you'll find they don't let age or disability slow them down!

Having so many unique rescue cats means a number of things.

Among the cats there are nine different diets, including 4 Hill's Prescription Diets to help manage some of the health problems they face.

Our focus on older and differently abled cats means that at times our veterinary bills are higher than planned.

In the past two years our wonderful donors have helped us to provide prompt treatment to four of our resident cats.

This includes around $1500 of dental treatment for Zuul, more than $2000 of emergency care for Lady Mary Clawley who has chronic recurrent pancreatitis, and over $3000 in palliative care for Wednesday who sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge in April 2018 (More information on each of these cases is available in our updates).

Most recently our eldest cat in residence, Orson, underwent over $1000 of liver function tests and dental surgery.

We are constantly in awe of your generosity and are incredibly grateful for your continued support.

BaristaCats is absolutely committed to providing the best care and quality of life for our cats who have come from Franklin Cat Rescue, Paws 4 Life, SPCA Auckland and 9 Lives Orphanage. We have a thorough welfare plan that we have developed with assistance from the SPCA and to ensure that BaristaCats operates to the best possible standard at all times.

Use of funds

All funds go towards the continued care and welfare of the cats

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Lady Mary gets her teeth cleaned  16 November 2019

The lovely Lady Mary was the next of our senior residents to receive her regular health check up.

She has had blood work done to make sure nothing is going a miss as she gets older and her teeth checked to make sure they were in tip-top condition.

Thankfully her blood tests came back as all healthy, however X-rays revealed a number of teeth that needed to be removed to keep her living her happiest, healthiest life.

Last Wednesday she had 4 teeth removed and Jo Lin at Lynnfield Veterinary clinic gave her remaining teeth a thorough clean. Unfortunately as many of you know dental work (for humans and any animal) can be quite expensive, especially when unexpected.

Any donations or visits to the cafe to give Mary and her furry friends cuddles are always appreciated.

Love and purrs,

The BaristaCats Family

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    cheers for what you guys do 1, for giving so many forever homes, 2, for hosting some awesome events and 3 for allowing so many people to come get their kitty cat fix


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    Hugs Banksie


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$2,075 donated

Given by 52 generous donors in over a year

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