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BaristaCats Cafe - Updates - Givealittle

  • Sad news about our Snow Queen, Orson     17 December 2019
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    Last month we took our wonderful snow queen, Orson, to see the team at Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic after we noticed she had been losing weight.

    After many tests and ultrasounds we have been given some news that we were not expecting and were hoping not to get for many years to come.

    It is the consensus of the team at Ellerslie and a veterinary specialist that our sweet, old Orson most likely has lymphatic cancer. Her welfare will always be our top priority which is why we have decided against an invasive surgery to confirm - or potentially provide inconclusive results - the diagnosis.

    Instead we are following a treatment plan recommended by our vets to make sure she is as comfortable as possible. We of course are holding out hope for the small chance that it is an alternative diagnosis and the treatment will correct the issue. However if it is cancer, the treatment will give her a comfortable and happy few months before we start to see the effects of the disease.

    We do ask that at this time Orson is treated with a extra care, but do make sure to give her some chin scratches and gentle tummy rubs.

    Love and purrs,

    A very sad BaristaCats family x

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  • Lady Mary gets her teeth cleaned     16 November 2019
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    The lovely Lady Mary was the next of our senior residents to receive her regular health check up.

    She has had blood work done to make sure nothing is going a miss as she gets older and her teeth checked to make sure they were in tip-top condition.

    Thankfully her blood tests came back as all healthy, however X-rays revealed a number of teeth that needed to be removed to keep her living her happiest, healthiest life.

    Last Wednesday she had 4 teeth removed and Jo Lin at Lynnfield Veterinary clinic gave her remaining teeth a thorough clean. Unfortunately as many of you know dental work (for humans and any animal) can be quite expensive, especially when unexpected.

    Any donations or visits to the cafe to give Mary and her furry friends cuddles are always appreciated.

    Love and purrs,

    The BaristaCats Family

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  • Banksy is going to be toothless     18 September 2019
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    Thank you to those who have donated to our wonderful furry family's dental care.

    Many of you will know our lovely old man Banksy as the loudest purr'er in the room, and soon he will be purring away with a few less teeth!

    Banksy has spent almost 4 years with the BaristaCats family now and we know he has found his way in to the hearts of everyone he meets with his big purr, fluffy belly and regular bleps. In the next few weeks Banksy will be getting the last couple of teeth removed as they are getting a bit sore. Don't worry he will still be able to eat all of his yummy Hill's food!

    This removal will be around $400 and any contributions would be greatly appreciated!

    Love and purrs,

    Banksy and the team at BaristaCats

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  • It's time to go to the dentist!     14 August 2019
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    Dental disease or tartar build up is very common among cats, with an estimated 85% of cats over three years of age suffering from some degree of periodontal disease. The result of this can be bad breath, inflamed or sore gums, and in some cases infections in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract. one thing is for sure, dental decay reduces a cats quality of life and we want the cats at the cafe to be as happy and healthy as possible.

    In June our lovely Orson had surgery to remove 16 teeth. This was a necessary procedure but now we are asking for your help to provide scale and polishes (and potentially a couple of extractions) for a few of our other resident cats.

    Our beautiful lion, Banksy, only has a couple of teeth left but unfortunately they need to be removed as they are decaying in his old age.

    Bryan, Goldie, Tonks, Gigi and Lady Mary all need to have their teeth cleaned in the coming months to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

    To achieve this goal we are hoping to raise around $900!

    Thank you again for your pawsome support,

    Love and purrs,

    The BaristaCats family

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  • Zuul is now (nearly) toothless!     7 July 2018
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    Yesterday (Friday 6th July) Zuul had her dental surgery at the wonderful Ellerslie Veterinary Clinic!

    As you will know from our previous updates, Zuul has had inflammation and pain in her mouth as the result of Feline Calici Virus. After tests, xrays and a thorough examination Zuul has had all but her four canine teeth removed to prevent future discomfort and reduce the inflammation in her mouth.

    The surgery was a wonderful success and Zuul is spending a couple of days away from the cafe to recover but she will be back in no time, smoochier than ever, and pain free!

    A massive thank you to everyone who has donated and made this expensive surgery possible .

    Thank you again,

    The BaristaCats family

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  • Helping Zuul live pain free!     17 June 2018
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    Our stunning mottled tortoiseshell, Zuul, has quite a sore mouth and after a few blood tests we now know the cause of her discomfort.

    Zuul is a carrier of a nasty - but rather common - disease, Feline Calicivirus (FCV), which results in loss of appetite, sneezing, lethargy, red gums and mouth ulceration. The veterinary recommendation is for a full mouth extraction to prevent the inflammation and infection from getting worse.

    The necessary x-rays and surgery is going to cost around $1,200. We have fundraising initiatives in place, with part of the kitten party proceeds going directly towards her treatment.

    If you are able to donate please know that every little bit helps us get closer to helping Zuul live a happy and pain free life!

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  • Wednesday's declining health     19 April 2018
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    Many of you have had the pleasure of spending time with our wonderful old girl, Wednesday. The time we have with her is inexplicably special to us as when she arrived the vets told us we would only have a few short months with her.

    Fast forward to today, 18 months after she was adopted into the BaristaCats family!

    Through care, love and extraordinary veterinary treatment we have had much more time with Wednesday than we could ever have hoped for. This is not to say that her time with us has been without worrying moments and stressful weeks spent finding the correct treatment plan for her.

    Now comes the part where we let you know what ails our lovely 15 year old black beauty because, as much as we all love her, her fragile body is failing her.

    Wednesday is known as a co-morbid cat. This means that she has several health conditions that interplay and react to each other. In particular she has Chronic Renal Failure, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, and a heart murmur. She is on several daily medications to manage these conditions but they are permanent, and they are degenerative.

    There is no way to 'fix' these conditions and she will not improve. Her renal failure and hyperthyroidism means her appetite is variable and she doesn't maintain weight or hydration as she should. As a result she has subcutaneous fluids administered once or twice a day and several small meals.

    We are monitoring her closely and lavishing her with love but very soon we will say goodbye to our whisker queen.

    We thank you for your patience during this time and we will answer any questions as best we can.

    With sadness and lots of purrs,

    Wednesday and the BaristaCats team

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  • Thank you from Lady Mary Clawley!     10 April 2018
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    Lady Mary and the BaristaCats family want to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters!

    She is feeling much better and has almost regained the weight she lost while sick.

    We are very happy with her progress and have reassured her that someday soon her shaved patches will grow back in - She was a little worried about her new haircut!

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  • An update on Lady Mary Clawley!     20 March 2018

    Thank you so much to those who have already donated towards the veterinary costs of Lady Mary. We are ecstatic to report that she is doing better today and we have a treatment plan in place.

    Lady Mary has been diagnosed with pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas, likely the result of an unidentified stress. This means that her tummy is very sore and her stomach isn't digesting food properly, making her very nauseous. She isn't eating on her own yet but she is no longer feeling quite so sick.

    She will be in and out of the cafe for check ups with the vets and the cafe staff will monitor her closely while she recovers.

    If you come in to visit please give her some gentle chin scratches but refrain from picking her up while she heals.

    Thank you again,

    The Team at BaristaCats Cafe

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  • Lady Mary Clawley is feeling really unwell!     19 March 2018

    Lady Mary Clawley is one of four senior rescue cats who call BaristaCats Cafe home.

    She is 8 years old, deaf and wonderfully playful most afternoons when she likes to play pingpong with the staff and customers - So long as you don't make her go get the ball when it rolls away!

    Unfortunately late last week Lady Mary began experiencing a prolonged bout of vomiting and anorexia, meaning that she is not eating and when she does she vomits shortly after.

    She was taken to the vets on Saturday 17th March as she was nauseous and refusing to eat no matter what was offered to her.

    The vet gave us an injection to settle her stomach and instruction to return if she had not improved by Sunday night.

    By Sunday morning things seemed to be improving, she still would not eat but at least she had stopped vomiting and would lick wet food from around her mouth. However our happiness was short lived as today (Monday 19th March) she has started vomiting again.

    Off to the vets we go!

    The wonderful team at Ellerslie Veterinary are completed blood tests and imaging today and think we have gotten to the bottom of her sudden illness but this is a massive and unexpected expense and we need your help!

    All the funds raised will go towards paying for the excellent care Lady Mary is receiving and any surplus will be spent covering the ongoing medical costs of the BaristaCats cats.

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