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Barnaby's Cancer Journey Continues

Warrick and Michelle
on 25 Apr 2022

Warrick and Michelle asks

Hi Zoe, we were so sad to read the story today about gorgeous Barnaby and his brain cancer diagnosis. We lost our beautiful 3 year old boy (Frankie) a year ago yesterday to brain cancer. He also had a rare and aggressive form, but different to Barnaby. Frankie's tumour was a diffuse brain stem glioma and inoperable with no chemo options (although he did have radiation). Since he passed away we started a charity called Frankie to the Rescue where we provide activity packs for children in Starship (Oncology and Neurology) and also parents packs for the palliative care team to distribute. We wanted to reach out to see if we could send wee Barnaby an activity pack? We could add in some other treats/toys - what's he into? You may already be sorted with lots of offers for things like this, but let us know if this would help bring a smile. I'm unsure if other charities have reached out or if you have reached out to them, but let us know if you feel like you need any advice on others out there who can provide support (hopefully you already have this info). Take care, from Warrick, Michelle, Scarlett and Frankie's Rescue Crew x

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