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To enable people that have experienced any forms of abuse, access to other treatments that are not being funded by government organisations.

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I began to open up and share my story and journey 2 and a half years ago through a Facebook page I created called Breaking Free. After 20 plus years of sexual, and physical abuse as a child from the age of 6, and physical, psychological, sexual, and financial abuse as an adult, I decided to share my story with the world, to bring about awareness, the effects that this kind of trauma has on someone, and education around these subjects. My passion is to inspire, and encourage others to speak up, to know that they are not alone, and to take the taboo away from these sensitive subjects.

I have spent 6 years in and out of counselling to try and deal with what has happened to me over the years, but I kept finding myself in the same situations, different people, and it felt like I was going round in circles, and I did not want the same patterns of behaviour to repeat with my daughter.

It was not until last year, when my employers assisted me financially to connect with this amazing lady, Becs Mcewan, did my life truly have a complete turn around. In just a short space of time she was able to teach me some simple tools to deal with the trauma energies, feel them fully, and finally letting them go, and finding internal peace for the first time in my life.

I work in the social work sector, and everyday I work with people that have experienced similar trauma and have found themselves stuck in these situations, like a never ending cycle, then it becomes inter generational, the learned behaviours the conditioning, you then see their children following the same patterns.

After having conversations with different government organisations the same thing was being said, we cannot fund alternative treatments that do not come under the government legislation's, and registrations. Their hands are tied, by policies, legislative clauses, and registrations with the health board.

I then recently came up with the idea to do something about it, and turn Breaking Free into a charity to raise funds that will 100% go towards funding alternative treatments for people that have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, child abuse and neglect, that are not being funded by our government organisations.

I also have a song coming out this year, that I worked on with Tina Cross to share my journey through my passion of music and writing. So I am hoping that my journey will inspire others to help and contribute to this cause, as I feel that working together we can make a huge difference.

Use of Funds:

The money will go directly to funding anyone who has experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, child abuse, and neglect to access alternative treatments from people such as Becs McEwan that are unable to be funded by government organisations.

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Breaking Free

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Breaking Free was established to raise funds to allow people that have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, child abuse and neglect to access alternative treatment options that are not funded by government organisations.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Breaking Free .

  • $25.00 donated
  • 1 generous donor

$25 donated

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