Mum and Dad both diagnosed with Stage 4 (terminal) lung cancer (non-smokers)

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Help provide treatment for Mum and Dad (non-smokers) diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer so their two boys have a hope of not being orphaned.


Please help us provide the best cancer treatment available to both Graham and Mery so their two young boys can have their Mum and Dad for as long as possible.

Last January Graham was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to his spine. In the hope of prolonging his life as long as possible he has been on a cancer medication that is not funded by Pharmac. His ongoing treatment will cost his family at least $100,000. Without medical insurance they need to cover these costs out of pocket. Graham has been unable to work since his diagnosis other than part-time for the last two weeks. Their savings are depleted.

Tragically, Graham's wife, Mery, was also diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer last May. Her cancer has been more aggressive. It had also spread to her spine and additionally to her thigh bone which requires a surgically inserted rod to stabilise her leg. Mery's treatment is also not funded and will cost $90,000 for six months and then $2,200 every month after that.

They have two young boys aged 9 and 11 who are having to deal with the very real probability of losing both their Mum and Dad.

How both Mum and Dad came to both be diagnosed within five months of each other with Stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to their spines remains a mystery. Neither were smokers and they lived a healthy lifestyle.

Please consider helping to fund their treatments so that their boys can have their Mum and Dad for as long as possible. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Candor3's involvement (page creator)

Candor3 has been the employer of Graham for the last six years.

Use of funds

Any money collected will first go towards Mery's treatment (Pembrolizumab), then towards Graham's treatment (Osimertinib), and then towards their ongoing medical expenses.

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Update on Mery's treatments  25 July 2022

The outpouring of love and support for Graham and Mery’s plight continues to amaze everyone involved. It has only been seventeen days since we have reached out the public for support and we have just about hit our increased fundraising goal. Many thanks to everyone who has donated to help support them in their tragic circumstances.

Mery has been in the hospital for almost a month. The boys naturally need their mum and this separation has been difficult for them. Despite as many hospital visits in a week as possible, it’s just not the same as having mum at home.

Mery’s cancer unfortunately spread aggressively into her femur (thigh bone) and destabilised it so much that she could not walk without a very high risk of breaking it. If her leg had broken it would have delayed her chemotherapy which, in turn, would have been life threatening. The doctors placed a steel rod into her upper leg and pinned it through the femur bone (above and below the cancer area). The surgery was successful with no complications. This has allowed Mery to begin her chemotherapy treatment. She has had one session each of immunotherapy and chemotherapy. She has had no serious side-effects for the treatments.

Mery is in a lot of pain now but getting better every day. It’s amazing to witness how strong she is as she soldiers on with such high spirits. She will need rehab treatment to walk and regain strength in her leg. This will take a while. It is estimated to take at least a couple of months.

Graham has been responding well to his treatments. It appears that his cancer has stabilised for now. His focus has been ensuring that Mery gets her treatments in a timely fashion to keep her here as long as possible.

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Guest Donor 17 hours ago
No family should have to go through this. Tiktok pulling through otherwise I woul never have found out! Love to you all
David 18 hours ago
Dear Mery, I will pray for you and your family.
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Guest Donor 3 days ago
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 3 days ago
Patricia 4 days ago

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