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Build a new school for the Wilak community

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$11,546 of $24,150 goal

Given by 33 generous donors in around 5 months

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Your donation will directly support the Wilak community in getting a new school built. Meeting the needs of the Wilak community.

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Vanuatu is made up of 83 island archipelago situated in the “South Pacific Ocean. Its name being derived from the word vanua (‘land’ or ‘home’) and the word tu (‘stand’). Together the words indicate the independent status of the country that was granted in 1980 from British and French rule.

The Beautiful Wilak

One of these incredible island is Malekula. A majestic island which is culturally rich and linguistically diverse with over thirty distinct dialects spoken. Hidden away at the end of the road in the North-Western part of the island is the village of Wilak. This village operates without electricity, internet, phone communication or easy access to medical care. It is entirely self-sufficient, however the significance of education and what it can mean for their children and their village is valued.

The Local School

The school offers Early Childhood and Primary Educations services to 2 local villages but as can be seen from the photos below the school has become run down and has recently been advised by the Vanuatu Ministry of Education and Training that it is no longer fit for purpose. The cost to build a basic school that can meet the needs of the surrounding community is significant for this community. Traditionally the village would sell copra to fund community needs but with the price in copra dropping significantly in recent times extra help is needed.

Funding and support for a new school

After continuing relationships with locals at Wilak around supporting them towards a new school. They have gained plans, costings and logistics to help up get the school built.

24,150 NZ is required to ensure multiple generations can attend a school that can survive cyclones and the harsh nature of the environment while providing a cool and functional teaching space. The design for the school has been approved by the Education Ministry.

An 11m x 6m building will serve as primary school facilities for 2 local villages.

Plans for the building can be seen below.

Drew Delany's involvement (page creator)

We stayed with the Wilak community while visiting Vanuatu and have stayed in contact.

Use of funds

The total amount equates to 6 peoples labour and all the building materials required to make the classroom.

Latest update

Nearly at Half-Way!  8 October 2019

Thank you for your support so far.

We are nearly halfway towards our goal and would really appreciate spreading the word and support so we can help this community.

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Latest donations

  • Salomé

    Salomé on 04 Oct 2019


    Quel beau projet pour le Vanuatu! Très fière de ma belle-soeur! ;)



    CAROLINE on 03 Oct 2019


    You inspire us Rachel!


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 03 Oct 2019


    One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world. This community is asking to be part of this change through providing an opportunity for their children to be able to hold their own in a global world.


  • Jenny

    Jenny on 08 Sep 2019


    Such a great project!


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 25 Aug 2019



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$11,546 of $24,150 goal

Given by 33 generous donors in around 5 months

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