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Calling all fur baby lovers - we need your help!

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My fur baby Flynn has been critically unwell and needs medical and dental attention which I am unable to afford on my own. Please help :(

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My ginger fur baby, Flynn, has been very unwell and I’ve just brought him home from his third vet appointment in a fortnight. He's been caught in time for irreparable damage to have occurred (last time I went I was thinking I was going to be told he needed to be put down and I was devastated) but treatment including jabs and tests has cost 100s already and now I'm told as well as antibiotics for 3! months, he needs to have at least 3 teeth out ($1300) or if the cost is an issue (which it is) pretty much all of them taken out in one go ($1400) as they will cost that each time he has more removed, which is anticipated. He'd be left with his little fangers but that's it.

He has been completely wasting away and I discovered one of the reasons he's dropped down to kitten weight is because he's not been eating properly.

I realise now if his mouth is too sore to chew, he just swallows his bikkies whole and both nausea and eating too quickly (because he's starving) makes him vomit them up. It was so awful seeing him get worse and worse and not being able to do anything about it.

If he was an older cat I might have to make a hard decision but he's 2 1/2 and he's my only companion getting me through some really rough times recently.

I can't bear to even think about life without him nor being forced to make the decision to end his little life.

I can't afford to pay to have what needs to be done on an Invalid's benefit but I can't see him suffer and starve to death either so I'm reaching out to other fur baby parents to share the love, in a financial way for Flynn to get the treatment he needs and get back as close to the happy, playful, loving, healthy kitty he was before.

If you can help, please do.

Every bit counts.

At the moment I'm hoping to be able to get the funds together as quickly as possible because the longer I hold off, the longer he suffers or the sooner I'm compelled to consider alternatives.

Please help if you can. Hugs n snuggles (he gives the BEST snuggles!)

Katrina and Flynn

Use of funds

Dental work (tooth extraction), vet visits, medications (pain killers, anti-nausea, antibiotics) specialty food during recovery, testing, vaccination booster etc If our goal is not reached, funds will go towards putting him to sleep and related costs

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Sincere thanks my fur baby friends xx  21 September 2020

Posted by: Katrina Neil

It is with tears streaming that my update is to say that I had to make that decision we all feel is impossible to bear to release my sweet boy from his pain and suffering. I looked at him in his little bed and the penny dropped from all the behaviours I'd noticed over time which were subtle indicators of his health deteriorating, which are used for a survival mode so they don't get attacked by predators, just came together all at once and I couldn't let a broken heart stop me from making a decision that was right for him (not how I felt at the time when his little heart stopped - absolutely empty, and leaving the vet with an empty cage, looking at another person walking in and seeing it and looking up at me, knowing what that meant). A lot of long days and nights, tissues and tears ahead of me for sure. My sincere thanks for your loving words and contributions. The funds raised will all be paid to the vet clinic for services rendered.

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Tracey 4 days ago
Hope he gets well soon. Talk to your vet about a payment plan if you can't raise the full amount. I did that when my boy was hit by a car and didn't have $1400 at the time. They let me pay $400 up front and pay the rest off. Xxx
Carolynn 4 days ago
I hope Flynn gets his help and you can breathe again please don't stress I wish I could give you more ... best of luck Sunshine
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 5 days ago
Julie 5 days ago
Get well soon sweetie ❤️
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 5 days ago

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