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After three years I have the courage to ask for help for life-changing surgery. I am extremely grateful for any help you can provide.

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Hi, my name is Cass Power. Im 24 years old and live in Auckland, NZ. I am non-binary and use they/them pronouns. I have struggled with gender dysphoria especially with my chest area since going through puberty and gaining breasts. I currently am working towards finishing my masters in Fine Arts and am a practicing artist. I work in lens based media and have a strong background in photography. I enjoy rock climbing and being outside with my friends. This is a give a little page to fundraise for my top surgery (double masectomy).

At the moment, I wear a binder to flatten my chest when I leave the house. I have been doing so for the last three years. The recommendation for binding safely is less than 8 hours at a time with a few days without binding each week. Like most people, I'm out of the house for more than 8 hours most days of the week, meaning that by the time I've gone to uni or done anything else with my day I usually end up in pain. I have a lot of anxiety in what I can wear when binding and it causes a lot of dysphoria. While everyone gets excited for summer, all I feel is that I am fighting against the hot NZ sun with my binding, and am unable to swim as there is no way of feeling comfortable without my binder. I often avoid the beach or swimming altogether.

Binding on its own is damaging in the long run. As time goes on, your chances of developing long term back problems increase. My ribs will deform from the constant pressure on them. The skin on my chest will become less elastic from the strain put on it, impacting my eventual surgery results or ability to get surgery at all. On top of this, I have severe asthma, and the chest compression on top of this makes breathing incredibly difficult, or means I can't bind at all. I can't stress enough how much this is not a case of me disliking my body and being impatient about changing it - I am in a constant battle between my mental and physical comfort all day, every day. Getting surgery would genuinely change my life in a way that is hard to put into words.

It has taken me three years to find the courage to write this. I find huge discomfort in asking for help and money- and if there was any way I could afford this on my own I absolutely would, but currently the amount feels impossible, and makes me feel as if I will never be able to afford it. I'm trying to save as much of the cost as I can but it is expensive and as a student and someone currently unable to work my resources are limited. As a non-binary person, I am not able to access the public funding for top surgery like trans men can, so privately funding this is my only option.

I have received quotes for costs from the surgeons in New Zealand currently performing this surgery. They all range between $15,000 to $18,000. This is not inclusive of consultation fees, which cost at least $500, nor the cost of flights and accommodation needed to travel if the surgery is outside of Auckland.

This is a huge ask and a favour that is enormous. I cant even imagine the positive effects this will have on my mental health by having this surgery and to not be in pain every day. I hope that in the future queer people and youth wont need to feel like burdens when asking for things they need and that these type of procedures will be available publicly. I didn't ask for so long because I didn't feel worthy of such kindness and support. I want to feel good about myself and be in my community and show young queer people that they can be happy and be who they want to be. And help and support those who are going through similar feelings. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you can help.

Use of funds

These funds will go directly to Cass Power for the payment of treatment costs relating to top surgery. This includes consultation fees, surgery costs and any related recovery fees.

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UPDATE// OVER HALF WAY!!  28 August 2019

Hey cool generous freinds and kind strangers. I just wanted to let you know about an update. ~

First of all,ThANK YOU!! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who shared, supported and donated so far. Its been extremely humbling and Im a little lost for words with how generous and kind everyone has been. The messages of support or when I feel like the page has lost momentum you have been so encouraging and continued to share and keep me hopeful and in good spirits.

There has been a small change to the page and so to keep everyone in the loop. The goal on the page is now $13,000 (gah even typing that scares me a little) but its dropped from 15, as I sold my camera and have saved some money. So I wanted to show everyone actually how close we actually are.

So where it sits now as I write this, we are over half way! -guys. That’s so cool. So what will happen now is I think once we hit 10k, I am going to make the call and meet the surgeons. This is the exciting stuff. I feel then it will be so close and I will be putting down the actual ground works and maybe get a date!!

So Im asking if you could give me a hand, and so we can reach this next goal. So many people have been so generous so it feels almost harder to ask for more. But I also know how much you care and want to help me reach the goal to get top surgery.

Like many of you who know me, the positive effects and outcome of this surgery would be life changing. You wouldn’t even recognise me (ha -becasue I would be so happy). To stop binding, would stop the physical pain that I endure daily. My mental battle of hating myself or feeling just disgusted by dysphoria. You would be freeing me.

I know so many people who are supporting this, don’t share this experience or know what its like but are backing me and are sharing the load. And that is amazing. You are supporting not just me but showing that queer/trans/non-binary people like me are worth it. And that is the greatest.

We are on the home run! Please if you could share, donate or both??

Star Wars is coming out and I have a good feeling about this.


Cass x

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$8,590 of $13,000 goal

Given by 173 generous donors in around 3 months

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