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Cass Power Top Surgery

  • #1 MONTH POST-OP     7 March 2020
    Posted by: Cassidy Power
    Main image

    I'm wondering if this is even matters. What I say or include and don’t include. I think a photo of me second week post-op after I saw my chest for the first time, kind of says it all. Still a bit swollen, not as clean as I would like to be, but overflowing with joy.

    I am now one month post op, I have seen my chest properly still maybe half- a dozen times. if you’d like to know.. Im a lot cleaner and able to take proper showers. I can sleep on my side (tentatively). I can wear a t-shit. <I almost caps locked that one, because its very exciting). I can feel the fabric of said t-shirt touching my sternum as I write this. I feel like me! And low key kind of hotter. I haven’t felt this in my entire life.

    Despite this, there have been some really hard times, and sore ones. First week, I couldn’t do much apart from sleep. And then not sleep. Emotionally it was also very draining. I don’t think I have cried so much. Not only sadness and pain, but joy and overwhelming relief. My actual hate for my drains, but we luckily parted ways after one week. And adapting to not being able to reach a single thing in the house. Or reaching it, and dropping it. Stretching too far and being sore all night.

    Taylor. Thank you for your patience, your alternative ways to hug me when we cannot, opening every door for me, the showers and adjusting my pillows 100 times a night and then giving me your own.

    I want mostly to thank everyone collectively. You all changed my life and helped me through this. It’s something quite unique and special and I am so glad to have been able to share it with you all. I can’t really say much more, only many other ways to say thank you and that I couldnt have done it without you. You’re all my heroes.

    Maybe i’ll post something again after my 3 month app, but if not, you’ll be seeing me around. Maybe at the beach for a swim in the summers to come.


    Cass xx

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  • WE DID IT!!!! ~ THANK YOU ~     30 January 2020
    Posted by: Cassidy Power

    Hey everyone -

    A few days ago I checked the page like I do every 10 minutes, and everyone who has been sacrificing their coffees and an amazing anonymous donor helped to get us over the line. I was expecting to be in all of your faces up until the actual date, but instead I've been taking some time for myself to process and sit in this moment of relief and gratitude.

    I'm so overwhelmed by the fact that everyone helped me get to this point. I have the funds for the surgery and its in 5 days!!!

    I never thought we could actually do this and I don't know of anyone who has been able to raise an almost full amount. I think it's really important to show others that there are options, and that people care and want to help. So, I would love it if you could all continue to share the page for awareness and guidance and to celebrate what we have achieved!

    Thank you.

    What you guys have done for me is truely life changing. I hope that post surgery I'm able to give back to the community as I start to feel more myself.

    As I'm lost for words, I'll wrap it up here.

    I will keep you all updated through the page after surgery and will continue to be in awe of all of the support you've shown me.

    It's been a real time!


    Cass x

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  • 11 DAYS UNTIL SURGERY!!     23 January 2020
    Posted by: Cassidy Power

    11 days until surgery! -im feeling pretty overwhelmed now, but im here to try share some of the load.

    I know you are all probably sick of my face by now. so i didnt even include a photo. But Im down to the wire, only a week and a half left? I need some help. I have made the end goal 19,000 as my surgery is almost 20,000. with the surgery being in Wellington, we have been saving and have had to spend more on things like flights and doctors up here in auckland.

    If you could give up one coffee this week and donate $5 that would be amaziing. or better yet, share the page with your friends.

    Its almost Pride friends🏳️‍🌈 (still sad there is now trans flag here) -but ill leave that for another day.


    Cass x

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  • AND THEN THERE WERE TWO??      20 January 2020
    Posted by: Cassidy Power
    Main image

    14 days until top surgery -depends on who you ask.

    4 days ago I saw the launch ‘Our Selves’ the first issue journal of queer culture as part of Auckland Pride. It completely blows my mind to see the work ‘You’re so handsome..” In this collection of brilliant creators. Not only because of the trouble I have to validate myself as worthy to be included. But I never envisioned to get this far. (to be able to share my queer lived experience accurately through my practice) or to be able to come out and ask for help through this give-a-little page. I especially never imagined it being a written piece. I held onto the comfort of it previously being a recorded spoken word. It couldn’t be contained and used against me. I worried about being caught out by family and people close to me, and them being hurt by my honesty. I thought top surgery would be impossible, now it’s so close I can feel impatience. But the impatience is knowing that after the 14 days, I will be living as myself, the way I always thought of myself as. I am proud, I am brave and I think I’m going to really like swimming.

    Other items in this coffee news,

    I turned 25

    It’s 2020, warmest regards.

    My friends at SLEEPING PROFIT have been incredible and making the raddest t-shirts with an image of mine. They have kindly donated the proceeds of the shirts to my top surgery. I am so grateful to have been able to collaborate with you both and see this project grow. Your values as designers and creators align with my own. Thank you for caring about the small stuff, the planet and I admire you. Ps they are still making these shirts made to order, but also please go check out their website, and follow them on insta. 👍 >

    I know I kid around on here and always try to sound positive and try to make you laugh. Cause ew sadness, But I want to thank everyone, for their donations, conversations and support. The kind strangers who have been donating. >you blow my mind!! In the past few weeks leading up to this moment, I have been getting a lot of people ask if im excited (…YES. I don’t think I have looked forwards to anything more) but also thank you to everyone who has taken time to be there for me and hung out with me on the days when its just super overwhelming to have something so big approaching. now I sound like I’m accepting an academy award but.. My partner Taylor, thank you for encouraging me to ask for support and holding my hand and probably holding my things when I can’t lift my arms. I love you💛

    SO here I am, asking for help in this final push, if you’ve been waiting to be the person who wants to try get me over the finish line, now is the time!! I would be so appreciative if you could even share it on fb. I’m thinking of ‘heroes’ by David bowie at this very moment. Thank you so much, if you have read this far.

    This photo could be of me post op. (its not) but just use your imagination.


    Cass x

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  • I HAVE A DATE FOR SURGERY!! 4/02/20     19 November 2019
    Posted by: Cassidy Power
    Main image

    -Its Trans Awareness week

    -I had my pre op consult with the surgeon

    -he gave it all a thumbs up, did a powerpoint, had a lot of chats.

    -I have a date

    - I had a very generous donation from an anonymous donor

    -My brain is going a million miles per hour (sorry for the late update)

    -Frances did a lot of running, and so did Josh

    I thought about about continuing this list, its a very linear approach but now I have too many things to share, so Im gonna write something.

    I have been in a whirlwind of emotions. Everyone has been so generous and thoughtful and found their own ways to raise awareness and money for this. I want to say a huge thank you to Frances Carter for blowing me away with your charitable judgment to include my give-a-little as part of her goal to run a half marathon!! (Absolute hero). Also Josh Ramsey, you cheeky armadillo. For raising some more funds after he completed the full marathon> Taylor and I were so lucky to get to see Josh cross the line on the day. what the heck. My flat mate Caitlin, who made me cry for her donation.

    THE ANONYMOUS DONOR -this is some modern day superhero stuff. You donated a lot. And I have a lot of feelings on the matter. I wish I knew who you are so I could properly thank you. Faith in humanity has been restored. Many many tears later.

    Last Friday, I was able to have my pre-op consult with the surgeon in Wellington. I never let myself dream this far ahead because I have always been so scared of disappointment. What if they say no, or I’m unable to have the surgery or it’s not going to work. But It went really well. He was so helpful, answered basically all my questions before I asked them. Was very reassuring and just a really good person to talk to. We talked about all the risks and what would happen. But the most important thing, it felt so right and I feel so ready. I feel all of this but we are still shy of about $4,000. And that’s daunting especially now we have a date for the surgery - 4th FEB. But as I write this and I think about all the people who have helped me get this far. I know we can get there.

    Im sorry for the lack of update recently. I have been taking some time to process all of this myself and with Taylor. We are so grateful and feel all the support. We are so close to making the amount for this life changing surgery. I was starting to feel hopeless as the new year approached. But I am now mostly excited (also Star Wars). If you are able to help and donate one more time or share the page. Its crazy to realise every time someone shares it -it becomes a portal to be seen by people (some I have never met!) But I also hope that in times like trans awareness week, it being shared and spread through friends that it might make a difference for a young trans kid, that there is hope to make your life what you want to live and that they deserve to be safe and happy.

    Here is a photo of my happy face. >taken outside Bowen Hospital in Wellington, after my consultation.


    Cass x

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  • UPDATE// OVER HALF WAY!!     28 August 2019
    Posted by: Cassidy Power
    Main image

    Hey cool generous freinds and kind strangers. I just wanted to let you know about an update. ~

    First of all,ThANK YOU!! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who shared, supported and donated so far. Its been extremely humbling and Im a little lost for words with how generous and kind everyone has been. The messages of support or when I feel like the page has lost momentum you have been so encouraging and continued to share and keep me hopeful and in good spirits.

    There has been a small change to the page and so to keep everyone in the loop. The goal on the page is now $13,000 (gah even typing that scares me a little) but its dropped from 15, as I sold my camera and have saved some money. So I wanted to show everyone actually how close we actually are.

    So where it sits now as I write this, we are over half way! -guys. That’s so cool. So what will happen now is I think once we hit 10k, I am going to make the call and meet the surgeons. This is the exciting stuff. I feel then it will be so close and I will be putting down the actual ground works and maybe get a date!!

    So Im asking if you could give me a hand, and so we can reach this next goal. So many people have been so generous so it feels almost harder to ask for more. But I also know how much you care and want to help me reach the goal to get top surgery.

    Like many of you who know me, the positive effects and outcome of this surgery would be life changing. You wouldn’t even recognise me (ha -becasue I would be so happy). To stop binding, would stop the physical pain that I endure daily. My mental battle of hating myself or feeling just disgusted by dysphoria. You would be freeing me.

    I know so many people who are supporting this, don’t share this experience or know what its like but are backing me and are sharing the load. And that is amazing. You are supporting not just me but showing that queer/trans/non-binary people like me are worth it. And that is the greatest.

    We are on the home run! Please if you could share, donate or both??

    Star Wars is coming out and I have a good feeling about this.


    Cass x

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