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Living costs for myself and family here in New Zealand while I undergo cancer treatment.

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  Hawke's Bay

Kia Ora,

My story has had many ups and downs, including many moments of pure joy as well as utmost heartbreak, and though it hasn't always been easy, I do not intend for my chapter to finish here. I am a warrior. And I will fight for my life.

My name is Kirstin Glass and I am a mother of three beautiful children. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May 2018, which progressed to Stage IV very quickly despite my attempts of holistic healing, surgery and radiotherapy.

On December 26th 2018, my daughter took me to the hospital due to the excruciating back pain I was experiencing. I was sent home with antibiotics and the idea of suffering only from a kidney infection. When I returned 5 days later (on December 31st) in a much worse state, the doctor had to fight to get me a CT scan. It was several hours later that I received the crushing news.

The cancer had spread even further causing a widespread, high grade Metastatic Disease. My lungs, liver, ribs and hips all showed signs of cancerous growths. However, the main concern was the tumour growing on my spine, causing a fracture on T8. The doctors said that if action were not to be taken immediately, I could risk paralysis, in which case I would only have 24 hours to react.

I was rushed by ambulance and emergency plane to Palmerston North on January 1st 2019, where I was immediately treated with radiotherapy. Through many discussions, the best plan of attack was said to be a combination of chemotherapy and blockers including Vinorelbine, Pertuzumab and Trastuzumab.

When my daughter called the oncologist, he said best case scenario I will get another 2-3 years, and worst case scenario I will have less than 6 months. I know these statistics are harsh, but I am convinced that I can cure the cancer. With the help of Prof. Dr. Drevs from Germany, I want to start the Aspirin Treatment in New Zealand. The treatment is recognised by patients worldwide, has a high chance of success and is known to cure the cancer completely. The catch, however, is that this treatment is not funded and needs to happen as soon as possible.

This is where I would require your financial support please. I appreciate any cent, British Pound, Euro or New Zealand Dollar that you could generously give towards my cause. I need help in New Zealand because I don't know how long the treatment will be.

I have set up two accounts - one in Germany by my son "Go Fund Me" and this one in New Zealand "Give a Little". The total I need to raise is €30,000 for the treatment coming from Germany, but I would also like to raise money for my living costs here in New Zealand, as I want to stay and heal here. So if you could also please spread the word, it is much appreciated.

At this point, though I am not fully convinced by chemo and drugs, I will use any means necessary to zap the cancer out for my children. After all, I am doing all these weird new things I never would have thought I'd be doing - including making a Facebook! Nevertheless, I am still a strong believer in a holistic approach as well, and I really think the Aspirin Treatment would benefit my health.

I can do this and I will not give up. I will remain positive throughout my journey. I just need a little help :)

Thank you very much for your support. Dankeschön. Merci. Grazie.

Use of funds

Food, rent, petrol, bills, unfunded medical and holistic treatment.

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    We are thinking of you - sending love and healing wishes


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    Thinking of you


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$10,550 donated

Given by 144 generous donors in around 6 months

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