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Join us to raise funds for the treatment of Dad's cancer.

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We need to raise funds to pay for cancer treatment not funded by the government or insurance.

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Treatment Cancer Prevention

Dad has been suffering from numerous bouts of cancer now for the past 5 years or so. Each time Dad would take it in his stride, stoically declaring that he would get treatment, remove the cancer and life would go on. The rest of the family were visibly more shaken then he was and we could only look in admiration as to how he was dealing with a life changing set of events.

Year after year we would face the latest discovery and by god we (he) beat it and life, as Dad would say, carried on. Last year however things took a turn for the worse.

A cancer was starting to form around his left ear and was very aggressive. The oncology team at the Auckland hospital were amazing and did an incredible job. The cancer however had other ideas.

Shortly after the operation (which removed most of Dad's ear) another lump was found in the same area and was also very aggressive. It grew so quickly that it started to destroy the nerves on the side of Dad's face leaving him looking like he had suffered a stroke. The cancer was again removed, but along with it, a large part of the side of Dad's head, including his entire ear. At the same time, it was discovered that Dad also had a large aortic aneurysm just below his heart that could burst at any time.

Dad had the operation for the Cancer, a stent put into the aneurysm - and then had a massive heart attack while on the operating table. Thankfully the amazing team of doctors and nurses were able to act quickly and Dad made it through the ordeal. It was a tough day for all involved.

Through all of this Dad has remained resolute, stoic and thinks only about finishing the latest crossword and what he will cook for dinner (for those of you who don't know, Dad is passionate about cooking, and he is damn good at it. There will be many of you that re able to attest for this). Entertaining and sharing his love of food is what really makes Dad happy. During his many times staying at Domain lodge he would have his radiation treatment thinking all the time about what he was making for dinner that night for the people that were lucky enough to be invited for dinner. Soon people were making requests! Making people happy through the love of good food was all he really cared about - that and the crossword in the morning.

This year things changed though. The cancer around his ear came back and this time spread to his throat as well. It was aggressive and we needed more treatment. Unlike last time however, the radiation treatment, or chemotherapy was not going to work for the area around his throat. The only treatment we had available to us was called Keytruda.

Unlike the radiation and chemo, Keytruda is not subsidized for Dad's form of cancer. Melanoma sufferers are able to be subsidized, but no others at this time. Keytruda is expensive. And thus brings us to the reason for this page.

Keytruda is similar to chemotherapy in that it requires an intravenous shot every 21 days for the term of the treatment. Each shot costs $10,000.00. Keytruda works by uncovering the cancer where it hides in the body. Cancer cells use a pathway called PD-1 to hide from the immune systems T cells. Keytruda uncovers this pathway allowing the immune system to find and attack the cancer.

Clinical trials have been very effective and this is now our last hope to beat this disease and eliminate the cancer cells from progressing any further.

We need your help as we simply cannot afford to take on this battle ourselves. Your generosity will mean so much to us and we are so appreciative of any amount big or small. From myself and my family, thank you.

The funds will be used directly to pay for all treatments of the drug Keytruda.

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Peter Quilliam

Hawkes Bay

I am doing this because I love my Dad. My parents spend their lives giving to others in so many ways either through Dad cooking huge dinner parties to raise funds, to Mum helping sick and elderly customers where she works. Giving, to them, seems natural and just what you do. But they are proud people and receiving is something that they would never think to do or ask for. But the reality is, they cannot do this alone and it is time for them to be on the receiving end this time. If you know my parents, I know that you will understand what I am talking about.

All funds raised benefit:

My father Derek Quilliam

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Peter Quilliam on behalf of My father Derek Quilliam.

  • $9,435.00 donated
  • 48 generous donors

$9,435 donated

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