Life Changing Surgery Needed for Young Nursing Student

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Life changing surgery needed for our 22 year old girl, who is in chronic debilitating pain, daily.


This Give-a-Little page has been created by the friends and family of Khellsey-Anna Atley.

Our beautiful talented cheeky loving girl has a debilitating problem. Two problems to be exact.

Before I go into specifics I need you to understand something. This is not cosmetic, not born through vanity or the want to "look good" This is a very serious health problems, causing so much pain that she is often reduced to tears. This problem has her questioning if she should continue her dream into nursing, as she currently cannot handle standing for too long, and her career path has patients relying on her to be able to do just that. Can you imagine pouring your heart, soul, time and tears into study for a profession that helps others, but finding yourself unable to see yourself perusing it long term due to debilitating chronic pain.

Khellsey-Anna desperately requires a bilateral (double) breast reduction. The upper and lower back pain is chronic. Chronic means never ending. No relief in sight. Added to her issues, she was also diagnosed with a genetic blood disorder Haemachromatosis in September. This is when your body produces too much iron and the only treatment is to have 500mls (a pint) of blood removed every 2-4 weeks and has to do this for the rest of her life.

As I said earlier the breast reduction surgery is not cosmetic. The upper and lower back is curving, unnaturally. This is only treatable by unloading the heavy weight in her breasts and intensive physio therapy. This serious health condition is affecting every aspect of her young life, from feeling self-conscious, to not being able to go shopping without breaking down in tears in changing rooms to always being in constant pain.

So how much does it cost? Twenty Thousand Dollars. For this young, talented lady to have life changing surgery, she needs to raise the money herself. And how many students in New Zealand have twenty grand up their sleeve!

Unfortunately due to high numbers on the waiting list, there is no funding left for her in the public health sector, so she has been rejected. The list is so long in New Zealand she could be waiting many years, if they ever get to her at all.

So that's where we all come in. Can we help this young talented lady? No one is asking you for hundreds, but every little bit helps. This surgery will be life changing. please look into your heart and decide if you can help this young lady who wants to spend the rest of her life paying it back to society through her truly empathetic holistic and caring approach to nursing. We think she deserves a shot and if we could pay for it ourselves we would do it in a heartbeat. She has fought through pain, physio, and has had to lose 20kg to get herself to a place where the surgery is viable. She has studied, worked and loved her family friends and colleges. No one comes away from this girl without being touched by her magic.

A big thank you in advance to anyone who contributes to this cause. Even $5 is a step in the right direction. And I promise you, society will be better off with her in a nursing role.

From Khellsey-Anna "If my circumstances change and I no longer require the money raised through this page, it will be donated to my sister, Kaytlin Atley, as she requires the same surgery and this will help her too."

Khellsey-Anna will be hopefully getting this surgery in February.

keri Lee's involvement (page creator)

I am a member of Khellsey-Annas family. I see how much pain she is in and want to ensure she gets the surgery she needs

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The money will be used for surgery costs

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Steve Cropp
Steve Cropp on 04 Dec 2020
Hi Khellsey Anna , I hope you had your surgery an you are now recovering well. Take care stay strong an positive always. Steve
Jody on 15 Mar 2020
Khellsey-Anna, I had a breast reduction in 2014 and it changed my life. Best wishes to you. I hope you achieve your goal.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 10 May 2019
I have bigger breasts too and completely understand what a burden they are. Good luck with the op and for your new life on the other side.
Jack King
Jack King on 09 May 2019
Steve & Sharleen
Steve & Sharleen on 09 May 2019
Well done Kellsey Anna , what an amazing courageous young lady you are.

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