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E Tū Awatarariki Matatā

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Given by 31 generous donors in around 10 months


Our community face eviction from our homes through unfair Council processes. We need assistance to fund our fight.

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  Bay of Plenty

Eviction date is now March 2021! Please help us by contributing & sharing our Give a Little page. Don't let Local Government & Government push this through unchallenged, the implications go well beyond Matatā. Every community at risk from natural hazard, climate change, coastal hazard, sea level rise and anything in the basket of uncertain future changes could be affected by the precedent being set here. We will be seeking appeal through the Environment Court and need your support to ensure that democratic process and natural justice prevails. Please contribute and share our page widely. Ngā mihinui & Kia kaha to us all.


In 2005 during an extreme weather event that caused chaos in NZ and major damage across the Bay of Plenty region, the small community of Matatā was devastated by flooding and debris flow.

Since this time the community has cleaned up, rebuilt their homes, and got on with their lives with the knowledge that the Whakatane District Council (WDC) would mitigate future hazards.

15 years and millions of dollars of our ratepayers money later the WDC have decided that they can't mitigate after all and they think it is too unsafe for us to live here. In order to affect their agenda to evict us from our homes the WDC has instigated a managed retreat process to buy us out of homes and at the same time are using the RMA to remove our existing land use rights through a plan change to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council to make our area a Natural Hazard zone. We will be either forced to take an offer from WDC or possibly be forced from our homes with no compensation.

We contest that the WDC has not done all they can to mitigate risk in our area, they have not provided us with all the information that we need to make informed decisions and we feel they have manipulated the science to suit their predetermined outcomes. They have not consulted with us fairly and they are taking away our property rights, our human rights and our mana. This is precedent setting in NZ where there is a focus on our risk to natural disaster, man made disaster and with the potential effect of climate change. What is happening to us could happen to many other communities in NZ, and our families are being used as a test case for this important issue. We feel our Councils who are our elected representative are throwing us under the bus to cover their own bureaucratic backsides.

If you want to know more about our story, here are our submissions to the Council hearings that were rejected:

NZ please get behind us, we are the test case of what could happen to many other communities like ours. Make our fight your fight. Please donate to our fighting fund.

Previous Givealittle page here:

Use of funds

Funds will be spent on experts such as RMA planners & lawyers to represent us in Council hearings and Environment Court. If we exceed our target, funds will be available for Matatā educational and social needs.

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Update Awatarariki homes under threat  21 May 2020

Posted by: Awatarariki Residents Incorporated

WDC rolls on relentless. Another beautiful home gone again today. Environment court appeal to the plan change is underway. We are looking forward to being able to make our Councils accountable and to have our voices heard by a fair and impartial judge. This case is precedent setting, our homes today, where next tomorrow?! Thanks for your continued support. Kia kaha e tu Awatarariki

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    Kia kaha &Thankyou for the heads up


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    For the right to assess your own risk..


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    Damian on 08 Apr 2020


    🖕 Tyrants


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$1,875 of $80,000 goal

Given by 31 generous donors in around 10 months

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