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Family Home Arson

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Given by 3 generous donors in around 6 months

Funds needed desperately

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On Dec 18 2018 Our father passed away leaving us children the house. Debts and all.

Dad was a hoarder and had filled the house with stuff that is very hard to sell, most needs disposing of, there is even stuff in the walls like loads old tv monitors which are very hard and expensive to dispose of.

In February someone decided to arson the house, the basement and my brothers living unit, there was no insurance and no funds. My partner and I have had to quit our careers and are traveling between Auckland and Christchurch leaving our families in Christchurch paying bills at both locations (I still have to support my youngest in Christchurch) to sort the legal issues which have cost thousands and to secure and try to clean up and empty house and have no means to repair the house and property.

Due to legal reasons we can't borrow on the house or sell, all money spent on the house and property we need to raise ourselves. it's been 6 months since dad passed and we still have a huge job continuing.

Please help us raise funds, this is a very old house over 100 years old, we plan to make this a safe haven for family so they will never be homeless and always have somewhere to go, None of us have ever been financial enough to ever own our own property and have all struggled in life, this was our only true asset which now is a liability we are stuck with and wish to fix.

Use of funds

Repairing, cleaning up, disposal of burnt belongings and rubbish of arsoned house, paying debts and all costs.

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Latest donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 07 Jul 2019
Sue Eayrs
Sue Eayrs on 03 Jul 2019
1 more to go so they can advertise this. All the best ❤️
Moist donor
Moist donor on 01 Jul 2019
Love you mum

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This page was created on 22 Jun 2019 and closed on 22 Dec 2019.
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