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Fe'ofa'aki Medical Costs: Fakamole Fakapa'anga ki he Faito'o

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$20,683 of $75,060 goal
Given by 187 generous donors in around 4 months

We are asking for any help we can get for Fe'ofa'akis initial costs to set him up for Peritoneal Dialysis and keep him alive

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Aki has the opportunity to do Peritoneal Dialysis in New Zealand because Tonga doesn't have a dialysis unit. His start up costs are high but the long term costs will be reduced by hundreds of thousands of dollars, if we can raise the funds to cover the inital costs. He needs 2 surgeries totalling $22,685.80, 2 months of Haemodialysis totalling $25,375, and start up costs for Peritoneal Dialysis including training, equipment and 2 months supplies totalling $15,000. We are also raising $12,000 for the following 3 months supplies, to give my wife the chance to recover from having our baby via cesarean section, before returning to work so we can take over the majority of Akis ongoing treatment costs. There is also blood work and regular medications that need to be paid for outside of these funds we are raising while Aki is Dialysing.

Confirmed costs as follows:

$11,342.90 VSA for temporary line surgery in Auckland Nz immediate cost

$7105.00 Kidneykare for first 2 weeks Haemodialysis immediate cost

Total immediate cost needed $18,447.90

$12,180.00 Kidneykare for 4 weeks Haemodialysis due 2 weeks after surgery

$11,342.90 VSA for permanent Dialysis line/tunnel due 1mth after first surgery

$6090.00 Kidneykare for last 2 weeks of Haemodialysis due 5 weeks after 1st surgery

$15,000.00 Kidneykare for Equipment, Training and 2 months supply 4 Peritoneal Dialysis due same time as 2nd surgery

$4,000.00 per month for 3 months post Training for Peritoneal Dialysis from July to September while my wife recovers from cesarean section, and can return to work, so we can cover majority of the costs ongoing from within our own home.

As you can see from the costs, we are desperate to make sure that he gets on to Peritoneal Dialysis because the cost of Haemodialysis long term is just unachievable. We are so thankful for any donations or help that can be given whether through donating, or sharing and asking people to support us. From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate you all.

Koe me'a ki he masiva 'a hotau ki'i fonua' 'a Tonga 'ikai 'i ai ha misini taialasisi 'oku fai ai 'ae kumi mo'uini. Ko 'Aki 'oku 'iai 'ae faingamalie Peritoneal Taialasisi 'i Nu'usila'ni. Ka 'i he masiva homau nima' ke fakakakato 'ae ngaahi totongi, tu'unga ai 'ae fakatangi ni, ki si'i famili moe ngaahi maheni kotoa pe.

Koe kamata 'ae faito'o 'aki 'ae tafa 'e 2 katoa ia $22,685.80 i he mahina 'e ua.

Koe Haemodialysis $25,375.

'Oku 'iai moe ako'i 'oe angahono ngaue'aki moe naunau' 'i he 'uluaki mahina

e 'ua$15,000.

'Oku mau feinga 'i he tapa kehekehe he ma'u 'ae $12,000 ki he mahina 3 hokomai' ka 'oleva ke fa'ele hoku hoa' pea'ne foki ki he ngaue' ke ma fua pe 'ae fakamole faito'o a Aki.

'Oku 'iai pe moe ngaahi fakamole kehe ki he ngaahi sivi toto moe ngaahi sivi kehekehe fakamahina lolotonga 'ae taialasisi

Tikolo Vakalahi's involvement (page creator)

My wife and I are responsible for distributing all funds raised to medical treatment centers involved with the care of my brother in New Zealand. Ie: 2 surgeries at Mercy Hospital in Auckland, multiple treatments at KidneyKare Nz, and ongoing dialysis

Use of funds

$22,685.80 on 2 surgeries at Mercy hospital

$25,375 on Haemodialysis to stabilize aki for 2nd operation

$15,000 for training, equipment and 2mth supply for P/Dialysis

$12,000 for 3 mth supplies to help while wife awaits return to work after birth

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Posted by: Tikolo Vakalahi

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far to getting "Aki" to his irst operation yesterday. It was successful and extremely smooth sailing for his operation, but he is slowly but surely getting to where he needs to be. Another early morning in our household as Aki will be transported from Matamata Nz, to Mangere, Auckland this morning for his first Haemodialysis. The doctors have said he will need at least 3 treatments before taste buds return, nausea subsides and he will feel somewhat normal. We can not thank everyone enough for helping us get this far. But there is still a long road ahead. Please continue to pray for Aki, and share this link if you can, to help us continue to raise funds for the rest of his treatments and last operation.

Thank you all again on behalf of the Vakalahi families here in Matamata. We truly truly appreciate all the help we have been given.

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