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Gaby has arthritic left and right hips and needs twin hip replacement surgery, please support her attempt to cycle around the world.

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In 2013 Gaby was referred to a physiotherapist for a suspected muscular problem. Following an X Ray and MRI Gaby was diagnosed with an acute arthritic right hip and early arthritic left hip.

Hip replacement surgery is the only treatment.

Gaby has been advised to wait as long as possible to initially get her right hip replaced (the only option) and the left replacement will follow. Gaby has the problem of being too young (only 48 at the time of diagnosis) and although hip replacements are good for 25 years, Gaby's age and activity would mean second replacement surgery in later life, which is more problematic.

The Orthopaedic Specialist has advised Gaby to stay active and don't allow the arthritis to limit her ability or her aspirations.

Cycling is one of the few exercises that helps with osteoarthritis of the hips (as it is low impact) so Gaby decided to embark on a cycle trip around the world, along with husband Andrew, and manage the osteoarthritis through exercise.

The purpose of the trip, is to undertake a bicycle journey we had been planning before Gaby's diagnosis of Osteoarthritis; we don't want this diagnosis to 'rule our lives' and believe its important to be proactive and positive when dealing with health issues.

Gaby wants to be seen as an inspiration to all suffers of osteoarthritis; she has the philosophy that her arthritis should not stop her achieving her goals.

I am raising money to assist with the costs associated with the surgery and rehabilitation, when it will be required. We are hopeful that the NZ public health system will assist with the costs associated with the double replacement surgery; but we also realise 'demand outstrips supply' and we will need to fund some ourselves (cost estimates are $20,000 - $25,000 per hip).

We are not sure when she will be added to the waiting list but the minimum requirement is when she is unable to carry out her usual daily activities.

Andrew Welsh's involvement (page creator)

I am helping Gaby fundraise as I am her husband and am cycling with her.

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Gaby has cycled 3,300km's through NZ.  29 March 2017

Posted by: Andrew Welsh

Gaby, along with husband Andrew, has just completed her cycle tour around New Zealand. She rode over 3,300km's and climbed over 33,000 metres of hills. Preparations are now underway to fly to Australia and start the Australian leg of her cycle tour.

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