Geneva, aged 26 given months to live

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Any funds raised are to assist Geneva during her final months.


It has been a long two and half year journey. One that I honestly never would have foreseen ending up here.

Two and a half years ago, Geneva, my little sister was diagnosed with stage one triple negative breast cancer. After 12 short days of celebrating being in remission, she was diagnosed for a second time. This time feeling a lot scarier with it then being stage 3 breast cancer.

We have recently received the heartbreaking news, that her cancer has now returned with an incurable tumour in her lungs.

At the age of 26, Geneva still has so much to live for, so unfortunately we are here again asking for help. Help to fulfil the next 10 or so months she has been given, with as many memories as we can whilst making her dreams come true.

Through the next part of her journey, she will be unable to work while she undergoes treatment to extend her life, which comes at a high financial cost. We are currently looking into immunotherapy as a treatment option which will not be able to save her life, but would be our best option to slow the progression and would give her the best chance of living a longer, happier life. However, this drug is unfunded and costs around $100,000.

There is a reason why Geneva is loved by so many, she is someone that has spent her life dedicated to caring for others. Not only volunteering for a multitude of charities such as the Breast Cancer Foundation, Youthline and Coastguard. Geneva has a degree in Psychology where she had planned to devote her life to helping people with mental health problems.

But those who benefited the most are the people closest to her.

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Geneva is my little sister.

Use of funds

Any money raised will go towards Geneva’s living costs such as rent, travel to hospital appointments, specialists, unfunded medications or treatments and ultimately hospice and funeral expenses.

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Surgery update  3 December 2021

Wow, we are all so blown away with the generosity of everyone that has donated and shared Geneva’s page. We were not expecting such an overwhelming response and cannot thank you all enough. I started individually thanking people but was quickly overrun by the share number of you.

Just a quick update on Geneva. Geneva had surgery this week to remove a portion of her lung in order to remove what we hope to be all of her tumour. Doing this although it was a high risk operation, was necessary in order to complete testing to advise if any further treatment is available to her.

Geneva was expecting to spend a week to 10 days in hospital but due to her being so well post op, is now recovering at home after only 3 days in hospital ❤️

If treatment is available to Geneva, your donations will assist to fund any unfunded medications. However these will predominantly remove the stress of covering her day to day living expenses such as rent, transport to appointments, specialists and ultimately hospice and funeral expenses. Again thank you so much.

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Cassandra 2 days ago
Johnny on 18 May 2022
Mikayla on 18 May 2022
Just saw your story on AJ Hacketts Instagram story❤️ Kia Kaha xx
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 12 May 2022
hehe a koha from aunty mata 😉🥰 love and light neve 💛✨
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 May 2022

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