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George Riki-Pennicott's Fight for Life

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16 year old George was diagnosed with severe heart failure. Please help support Waneta and her family through the heart transplant process.

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Hi. My name is Rebecca. I want to set up a give a little page for my sister and her family. My nephew George has been sick for approximately 6 months with flu-like symptoms. Waneta had him backwards and forwards to the GP. They were told it was the flu and asthma. It got to the point that George was struggling to breath and coughing non-stop. They ended up at A & E. There they gave George something which helped George relax and stop the coughing. Unfortunately 3 days later on Labour Day George began coughing again and was coughing up blood. Soul (his Dad) decided to take him back down to A & E. The hospital began running tests and it was discovered that George has cardiomyopathy. Cardiomyopathy is a heart muscle disease, which makes it hard for the heart to pump blood throughout the body. George ended up in CCU for two nights before being transferred to the cardiac unit in Dunedin. George and his family were up there for three weeks. George was put on medication to help his heart pump better and put on a fluid restriction to reduce the load the heart has to pump. Unfortunately this course of treatment is not as effective as the specialists were hoping for and now George has to go to Green Lane Hospital in Auckland to be assessed for a heart transplant. The family have to go to Auckland in January.

Waneta and Soul both work, and as you can understand, they have both taken time off work. This has caused a financial impact on the family. Now they face the prospect of flights backwards and forwards to Auckland, driving to Dunedin, and accommodation while in Auckland and Dunedin, and they have to keep the household running back here in Invercargill, because not all of the family can go up. So we are asking for help from family and friends. Any help would be appreciated immensely as they have a long uphill battle in front of them.

We will keep everyone updated on George’s progress. Thank-you very much for your support.

Rebecca Dawson's involvement (page creator)

George is my nephew. Waneta is my sister. I have lived with Waneta and her family for a number of years and helped as and where needed.

Use of funds

The money raised will be used for accomodation and travel to and from Auckland and Dunedin for Waneta and her family. Will also be used to pay rent, etc. to keep the house running in Invercargill for the family members who remain behind.

Latest update

Back from Auckland  26 January 2020

Posted by: Rebecca Dawson

George has just returned from his first trip to Auckland. There they began the assessment process for a heart transplant. As a result of his first lot of tests he has been placed on the inactive list. This means he still needs a transplant but not right away. Auckland will closely monitor George's health and he will have to go backwards and forwards to Auckland. His next trip is mid February.

George has also had his second round of immunisations.

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  • Kaitlin Jaeger

    Kaitlin Jaeger 13 hours ago


    Hi!!! it’s the girl from Gore that you saw in Newmarket!!! Stay strong beautiful people ❤️ My thoughts are with you xxx


  • Mike

    Mike on 15 Feb 2020



  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 30 Jan 2020



  • Toni

    Toni on 29 Jan 2020



  • Glenys

    Glenys on 27 Jan 2020


    All the Best young George & family. I am a relative via James Edward & Lucy May Pennicott and Will be following your progress. Glenys (Orr-Becker) Shearer


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$1,850 donated

Given by 34 generous donors in 13 weeks

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