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Hello, I'm Willow, and I would love your help to heal the broken branches of my brain

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I'm 3 months old and suffered severe brain damage at birth. My mummy and daddy love me so much but need some help with my ongoing care.

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Willow's story ~

When I came into this world without a heart beat and not breathing it was touch and go for a while. After emergency resuscitation and being helicoptered to Whangarei and then Auckland's neonatal intensive care unit I spent 3 days in a special cooling suit having my body temperature cooled to protect my brain from injury. I was finally allowed to cuddle my mummy and daddy for the first time when I was 6 days old and disconnected from my constant brain monitoring and could breathe on my own with the help of oxygen. I spent a further 3 weeks in hospital before I was allowed home.

My brain was scanned and they discovered I had severe damage to the parts of my brain that will control my body movement, muscle control and coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance. I also have partial hearing loss and may have some learning, speech, visual and intellectual difficulties.

This is a condition known as cerebral palsy and is a permanent life-long condition.

As you can imagine this was very difficult news for my parents to hear. They have been very brave and persevered through the toughest of times, questioning everything and ultimately coming back to the one hope, that I will get to enjoy my life and do the things that we all take for granted.

I've had a pretty tough start to life but I hope things will get better, the costs of the different treatments and therapies I need are very expensive and a lot of them we have to travel to Whangarei and Auckland for. My mummy has not been able to go back to work as planned, because I need her too much right now and my daddy has recently had a hip replacement so he is unable to work currently too. We may have to make changes to our home to make it easier for me as I get older or possibly even relocate to somewhere where there are more therapy options for me.

We would all be so appreciative if you might be able to offer us even the smallest bit of support.

Emily, Adam and Harvest Murray/Barrett's involvement (page creator)

We have witnessed our friends tirelessly striving to surround Willow with love and care during her very challenging start to life.

It really does take a village to raise a child, we would like to help create an even larger village for this lovely family.

Use of funds

The funds we raise will be used for multiple therapies, many of which are not funded. As well as specialized equipment for example a wheelchair and home modifications. As we live rurally we will also need support with travel costs.

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I turned 1 this year!  25 November 2019

Posted by: Emily, Adam and Harvest Murray/Barrett

In September this year Willow turned one! The coming of her first birthday was filled with mixed emotions for both Steph and Carston with the memory of the traumatic events of her birth along with the arrival of their beautiful girl.

Willow has been in and out of hospital this year as her nasal gastric tube was removed and a Mic-Key Button was inserted for tube feeding. Unfortunately since this surgery there have been varying complications and Willow has been admitted back into hospital for further investigations. Steph and Willow have been in Starship hospital now for three weeks as Willow has developed a feeding intolerance and is frequently vomiting, so she has not been putting on weight, doctors are still trying to work out what they can do to help her through this.

During this stay in hospital Steph continues to be the most dedicated, courageous and loving mother I have ever met, at Willows side 24 hours a day. The family is hopeful Willow will make improvements in the next couple of weeks so they can be discharged from Starship and go on their very much needed Christmas holiday.

Any contribution you can make to this beautiful little family would be so greatly appreciated. Willow's special needs can get very costly and much of these costs are not covered by government funding.

We also really think these guys just need a little extra for a bit pf pampering and self care! So if you make a donation and would like it to specifically go towards a little christmas self care or holiday treat please note this in your comments.

Thank you so much, have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the holiday season .

Emily x

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    Polly on 08 Dec 2019


    Wishing you a successful outcome and loads of love xxxx


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    Sina on 26 Nov 2019


    Best wishes to you all. Have a peaceful Xmas together at home


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    Kristiine on 26 Nov 2019



  • Fliss, Paul, Chloe

    Fliss, Paul, Chloe on 26 Nov 2019


    You guys are inspirational and Willow is so gorgeous- look how big, bright eyed & beautiful she is! Sending you love, laughter & good health xoxo


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$6,235 donated

Given by 66 generous donors in over a year

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