Help Alan change MBIE determintion that tiny houses are a building not vehicle

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To challenge the determination from MBIE that "tiny houses are buildings not vehicles".


Tiny houses have fallen 'irregularly' under a vehicle according to VTNZ. MBIE in the case of Alan Dall have ruled his tiny house is not a vehicle but a building. This has huge consequences for tiny houses in New Zealand. It means they will need to comply with the council building codes also the costs for compliance will be thousands extra onto a build. According to the building code a building needs to be connected into the ground. As a tiny house is on wheels this means a very large complication for people living in a tiny house.

Linwood law says Alan has a good chance at overturning this determination due to irregularities in MBIE's own document. The process will now be:

1. Linwood law creates and files submissions with the district court.

2. A court date is set.

3. Alan represents himself with Linwood law guiding this process.

They estimated the cost at approximately $5,000 if all goes well.

I do not doubt this will be overturned but Alan and the future of tiny house living in New Zealand depends on taking a stand against this determination.

MBIE is the ministry of business, Innovation and employment. They are the stewards and the central regulator of New Zealand's building system. They deliver and support compliance with fit-for-purpose, future focused building regulation that protects people safety and property. Their report is what the council will adhere to.

We ask for your support in any way you can.

Thank you

Charlotte Murray on behalf of Alan Dall

Charlotte Murray's involvement (page creator)

A friend who realises the importance of the Tiny House movement in New Zealand

Use of funds

To pay for a lawyer to overturn the determination.

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Latest update

MBIE case update  24 July 2019

The Wellington Registry has transferred Dall v MBIE to Christchurch District Court. We are still waiting a date for the hearing. We are expecting this soon.

We have some great people on board who are assisting in meeting with Council members, (Waimakariri and Christchurch) writing letters to Parliament, putting together documents on the flaws of 'Notice to fix' council notices in regards to Tiny Houses. Letters of introduction and the case information has been given to certain MP's.

The human rights commission has been given all the details of the case and we are waiting to hear back from them.

Media has been contacted and 'Stuff' is running an article which will link this givealittle page.

This case continues to prove how important it is to people who wish to live in alternative living arrangements. People who build safe and sanitary accommodation should be allowed to live free of fear and harassment. Tiny houses continue to prove how they meet all these criteria and we are pushing for tiny houses to have their own legislation and not be under the building code, as they are not a building!

In order to take this all the way to court, we still need to reach a minimum of $5000 for lawyer costs. Your donations totaling $2,135 has been paid directly to Linwood Law, by givealittle, whom continue to do an outstanding job.

We would appreciate it if you could help us

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Tony on 14 Aug 2019
Why isn't the Prime Minister making a song and dance about 'Diversity in housing? Don't bother rushing around the world for the climate feel goods, stay at home and help fellow Kiwis into their choice of home. Funny how we don't see school kids striking for the cause as well! Clearly the Councils are worried about not being able to Rate tax as many people as they think they should and are coming down hard on Tiny Homes. They are a natural monopoly and choose to behave like one.
Nathan on 11 Aug 2019
Don scott
Don scott on 09 Aug 2019
Donation from off the street
Leona on 08 Aug 2019
Innovation needs applauding!
Sian on 07 Aug 2019
My dream is to own and enjoy living tiny one day. I hope this support the future of living tiny.

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