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Abel Wallace Reign Tangira 7/1/19-14/1/19 - Updates - Givealittle

  • 7/1/19 - 14/1/19     14 January 2019

    It is with the heaviest hearts we have decided to to babies life support off, and he took his last breath at 10.30am.

    From us all here and Ashley Sonny and whanau we would want to thank each and everyone of you who have made donations and sent prayers deeply appreciate it all.

    The journey still has not come to an end and we still need to get baby back to Hicks Bay so please find it in your heart to keep up with some donations to get our darling Angel home and lay him to rest.

    From Ashley, Sonny and whanau thank you very very much.

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  • Day 5s outcome, And hes still fighting.     12 January 2019
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    So myself, Ashley, Sonny and Christine (Sonnys Mum), had a meeting with the doctor's in regards to the scan they done on Abel's head yesterday, which was really heartbreaking for us all because him making it this far is a blessing.

    But this has caused the doctor's to pull the plug on any surgery and gave us the hardest decision, that right now its a touch and go as he looks so calm and content and making it this far, but they want us to choose a day next week and they will slowly let him go when the time is ready.

    I think it is still to early to pick a day , we will know when he cant fight no more.. but please keep up the prayers n positive vibes.

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