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Help Fund the resources required for the amazing Jones family.

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Cancer and Chrons this family has both. Support for their ongoing costs is needed urgently. Thank you in advance for your support.

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The members of the Jones family have been an incredible support to one another. The vegetable garden is planted, the laundry folded and house clean and homely. You may not recognise that there is a huge need by the welcome and hospitality you receive when you walk in the door. BUT THERE IS.

Annelies, Neil, Anton, Nelleke and Andre are the five children of Corry and Evan Jones. Four and a half years ago Corry was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to thoroughly research her options and chose to treat the lump alternatively. At the beginning of 2017 she was fit and healthy and was running a household of 10. During the year she had a flare up, possibly due to the stress of a very sick son who almost died.

In February 2017, Neil was diagnosed with severe Chrons disease a few days before his 22nd birthday. He was told he would have to take strong immune suppressant drugs and if his body didn't respond within five days he would need a full large colon removal or stronger life long immune suppressant drugs which would make him susceptible to any illness because he would have low to no immunity of his own. This was after an operation in late 2016. He worsened over the three days he was in hospital but the thought of what had been recommended was too heavy to bear at the time.

After discussion with the family Neil chose to come home to begin alternative non-allopathic treatment to rebuild his body and therefore deal to the disease.. He was also on Prednisone from the hospital and remained on this for six months. Corry is a researcher. She spent hours and hours searching, taking Neil to appointments, trying to find out what to do and whether anyone else in the world had dealt with this scenario and how.

They are almost a year down the track. The strict routine of regular but small nutritious meals including probiotics, supplements and elemental shakes from ABSORB PLUS in the States while helpful for Neil has been financially demanding and draining for Corry, Evan and the family. Neil while heading in the right direction still has lots of healing that needs to happen and Annelies has recently exhibited related symptoms.

Use of Funds:

Funds raised will be used to replenish and restock for the coming year. Your donation will be specifically used for the treatment that has so positively helped Neil and Annelies through Corry's astute management of all resources.

Page created by:

Ellen Bialostocki


I have known this family for several years and the last 18 months have been especially tough for them. I have thought and talked about creating a fundraiser of some sort for the family for a couple of months and am finally putting action to my thoughts.

All funds raised benefit:

Corry Jones


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Corry Jones.

  • $3,320.00 donated
  • 37 generous donors

$3,320 donated



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