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Help the Hope Project bring HOPE at Easter

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Help us bring the Christian message of HOPE back to Easter again through the Hope Project in 2019!

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The Hope Project exists due to a recognition that public media has become increasingly silent about the true meanings behind Christmas and Easter within our nation and cultural heritag.

This year we continue the Hope Project- a simple, known and already-tested solution that returns the presence of Jesus and the Easter message at Easter publicly, and we need your help!

This year we continue the Hope Project - a simple, known and already-tested solution that not only puts Christ back into Easter through media nationally but also helps us all to understand more of what it is to be a New Zealander. Many aspects of our culture - including many of our most treasured values, come directly from our faith heritage. But we need your help to achieve this!


The focus of the Hope Project 2019 will again be based around restoring profile to the Christian faith at Easter. The booklets (with a accompanying web-media) will tell stories from the history sitting behind some of our key values as New Zealanders - including stories from global history, New Zealand history and of faith and hope at work in people’s lives today. It will then conclude with a summary of the Christian message of hope and love revealed through Jesus.


Kiwis have demonstrated a continuing understanding that Christmas and Easter are Christian celebrations - and connected to our heritage as a nation. As a result feedback from public audiences continues to be consistently positive. This is a valuable opportunity for the Christian community to have a voice, in recognition of the message and hope of Jesus.

2019 MEDIA:

- The 2019 booklet will be revealed later in 2018.

- The Hope Project websites will continue to be and

As a taster you can view the 2018 media:

- - TV ads here,

- - a promotion for the Christian community here

- - or the high quality 2018 booklet (distributed nationally) online here

The project also promotes the opportunity to, and partners with, Christian churches of all denominations, while sharing resources that could help them including concise equipping videos, sermon outlines and studies on how we might best represent the Christian message to those around us in today’s society.

Your help is needed! Our budget for the Hope Project 2019 is $600,000.

Use of Funds:

Funds will be used to pay for the printed booklets - printing and distribution, television advertising - videos and ad space booked on prime television, and web media. Any surplus will be put directly into funding the 2020 campaign.

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‘All Together’ is the resourcing arm of the Shining Lights Trust NZ. We exist to help the Church achieve our mission – through bringing fresh innovation, strategy and resource to the table.

  • $1,514.00 donated
  • 9 generous donors

$1,514 donated


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