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Help give HOPE this Easter

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Help us bring the message of HOPE through the Easter message of Jesus to our nation this year and beyond!

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Many have noticed that public media becoming increasingly silent about the true meanings behind Christmas and Easter. Awareness is increasing that our nation’s churches may need to somehow work together to create this visible presence for the Christian faith themselves.

This year we continue the Hope Project- a simple, known and already-tested solution that returns the presence of Jesus and the Easter message at Easter publicly, and we need your help!

The focus of the Hope Project 2018


Stories that reveal how the Christian faith gave us many of our most treasured values as a nation.


We will continue to communicate an aspect of Christian belief or thinking that is relevant to the stories, as well as the core Christian message of God’s love shown through Christ.


New Zealanders have warmed to these projects. People are loving learning about our nation’s history while hearing uplifting stories of hope and faith.


- The Hope Project website

- TV ads (which you can view here,

- High-quality, multi-page booklets to every New Zealand household (which you can view here

- New 10DayChallenge app (search ‘Why Jesus’)

- 230,000 additional booklets printed for church to use (for free)

- 2 primary equipping resources. (1) Equipping videos on conversational skills, and 2 new sermon series (message outlines + small group discussion guides) on ‘teamwork’ and ‘conversation.’

We need your help! Together we can achieve this!

Our budget for the Hope project is $600,000 so far we have raised $569,700 and have $30,300 to go. Please support this amazing project by donating today and if you can - share via email or social media for others to help. We appreciate any and all donations given!

Use of funds:

Funds will be used to pay for the printed booklets - printing and distribution, television advertising - videos and ad space booked on prime television, and web media. Any surplus will be put directly into funding the 2019 campaign.

Page created by:

‘All Together’ is the resourcing arm of the Shining Lights Trust NZ. We exist to help the Church achieve our mission – through bringing fresh innovation, strategy and resource to the table.

“I'm very impressed with the work of the hope project, God bless you in you're efforts to reach the wider nz community.”
“Saw your poem on the news today, absolutely had to support you!”
“Receipt please”
“The new booklet is awesome. We pray people will read it and the Holy Spirit will use it to draw people to God.”
“Thank you for sharing the real meaning of Easter.”
“So glad to help this major nation-wide initiative. We continue to pray for open receptive lives to receive and respond to the Lord's saving love.”
“Please use wherever needed most. LOVED the new Hope booklet - very well done !!”
“Have just read through my booklet which arrived this week. It’s great and we’re praying that they will bring hope and blessing to thousands of NZers over days to come. Thank you for your hard work and determination to make this work .”
“Note email address changing from xtra.”
“Keep up the good work”
  • $19,410.00 donated
  • 47 generous donors

$19,410 donated


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