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Help Indy get home from Sri Lanka

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My mum, Indy, is currently in Sri Lanka and trying to get back to Auckland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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My mum is currently stuck in Galle in Sri Lanka, and we have been trying to get flights home for her over the last 2 weeks but had no real luck at all as so many borders are closed and flights keep getting cancelled.

We have managed to get her on a Qatar flight leaving Sri Lanka early on the morning of Saturday 11th April and transiting through Doha - however the flight is close to $8000, there are no other options available, and travel insurance is not covering flights like these.

Mum's been alone there for 5 weeks and is copping abuse from locals shouting Corona! Corona! at her, I feel like it’s getting more unsafe the longer she stays there and so I’m keen to get her home ASAP, especially since it might get even harder to travel back in the near future.

She’s registered with the Government as a Kiwi trying to return home but there is not much they can do to help at the moment.

We are truly humbled by the people who messaged wanting to help out with this unfortunate and somewhat stressful situation. Several people have offered to help out with monetary contributions so this givealittle page seemed the best option for that - please don't feel obliged to donate but if you would like to, it would be SO appreciated.

Thanks so much, stay safe and stay home,


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My mum, Indy Tyler, is currently in Sri Lanka and trying to get back to New Zealand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This money will be used to help pay for the flight home from Sri Lanka to Auckland.

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WE DID IT!!!!!   7 April 2020

Posted by: Matthew Wall


A quick update about mums situation in Sri Lanka after a few tears and a bunch of phone calls in the last 24h we have managed to book a flight flying from Colombo via Doha and then the home stretch to Auckland.

Last night a stranger to me reached out called Charlotte Nowrojee offered to help book mum flights back and tonight mum has that plane ticket in her emails....

I want to say that this type of kindness and reaching out to strangers to help goes along way and it honestly I cannot thank you enough for you help I’m forever grateful that people like you exist.

When I posted my original post yesterday i was inundated with messages from friends of mine and friends of mums offering to help and offering to pay for her ticket home and that bought on more tears and with the help of my wonderful wife Juliet we set up a givealittle page so that people could help if they wanted too and as of about half an hour ago we have gone past the 8k needed for the ticket home.

Honestly I’m truly humbled and lost for words with the amount of kindness and compassion that strangers have shown me and my family at the moment.

Hopefully we will all be able to catch up for a drink after this lockdown/isolation is over and Mum is back on New Zealand soil.

Thank you


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  • Kyla and Dan de Tracy Gould

    Kyla and Dan de Tracy Gould on 11 Apr 2020


    Come home safely dear Indy. Much love and hugs from us all.


  • Dante

    Dante on 11 Apr 2020



  • Don&Sara

    Don&Sara on 10 Apr 2020



  • Angela

    Angela on 10 Apr 2020


    Safe travels darling, you have a big trip ahead of you. Lots of love and take care - Ang and Boyd


  • Andie

    Andie on 09 Apr 2020




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$8,737 of $8,000 goal

Given by 67 generous donors in 7 days

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