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Help bring Jeremiah to New Zealand.

Queenstown, Otago

A few months ago I shared about my personal struggles with mental health on my Instagram account, and I received a message from 16 year old Jeremiah from Australia. Jeremiah bravely reached out to me about his own struggles and the message really resonated with me. It was absolutely heartbreaking to read and I knew straightaway that I wanted to try and help.

I thought for a long time about what I could do for him, and eventually came up with the idea to fly Jeremiah over to New Zealand and take him on a personalised photography workshop through some of New Zealand’s most beautiful locations.

Jeremiah has a natural talent for photography. It’s something he really enjoys and finds comfort in. Given how much photography and the outdoors helped me through my struggles, I know that by encouraging his talent, teaching him, and spending some time in the outdoors we could potentially make a real difference in his life.

This is where I need your help.

I wish to cover all of the necessary expenses involved, which I estimate to be in the region of $2000. I will personally be putting money forward, however I cannot afford to fund the whole trip.

As a community, we can show Jeremiah just how many people wish to help, how many people have thought about him and his struggles and how many people selflessly donated to make this dream a reality. That in itself will be a huge mental booster for (as his parents describe him) a beautiful soul who is struggling.

Any donation towards this will be hugely appreciated. Together we have the power to make a real difference.

*I have the permission of Jeremiah’s parents for this and it will all be kept a secret from Jeremiah until the flights are booked.

We’re aiming to plan the trip in May when the borders open.

Ryan De Dominicis' involvement (page creator)

Jeremiah reached out to me online. He very bravely shared about his struggles with his mental health. I made this account to help him.

Use of funds

The funds raised will be spent on flights, accommodation, food, experiences and any other expenses involved with Jeremiah’s trip.

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Laura on 06 Dec 2021
Such a wonderful idea! Sending love from Germany!
Kyle on 05 Dec 2021
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 05 Dec 2021
Madou on 04 Dec 2021
Morgane on 04 Dec 2021

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