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Help Kiwi Cyclists get their Visas

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$572 of $450 goal

Given by 5 generous donors in around 3 months

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Help two kiwis cyclists achieve their cycling dreams. We need help paying for our next visa.

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It has been 9 months now since we've hopped on our bikes and we are very proud of what has been achieved. By sharing our journey through various blogging platforms we have reached almost 600+ followers.

Our main goal of the trip was to cycle to Europe, find work and start a new chapter of our lives there. Both of us have saved up money for this big dream for four years. However, recently we had a major setback.

Two factors have contributed to us asking for help, financially.

* Our travel money ($1000 US) for Iran and Turkey was stolen,

* Our Iran visa expires on the 27th of January and we cannot continue to Turkey during the winter months.

It would be very challenging to head north during January or February. Our only choice is to exit south of Iran, stay in Dubai (visa free for NZ) for a while and return back to Iran in March.

We like to fundraise for the cost of the second Iran visa which is €120 per person. That's the price for our New Zealand passports, by far our most expensive 😔. After Iran, every other countries we visit will be visa-free.

You can find our travel stories at

Use of funds

Pay for the visa needed to continue our trip.

Latest update

Unexpected Generosity  3 January 2019

We would like to say thank you to all of our donors who has helped us make the trip much less stressful. Your donations will help us achieve our end goal of getting the visa and continue towards Europe.

Special Mention for donors via bank transfer:

Jerry L; Michael G; Sara S; Nicky L; Andy B; Brenda A

Latest donations

  • Joel

    Joel on 02 Jan 2019


    Bon chance!


    • Pheng Taing

      Thanks Joel, we'll need all the bon chance we can get! Also we'll be much more careful with our money too.

  • Kākāpō Disaster Resilience Trust

    Kākāpō Disaster Resilience Trust on 02 Jan 2019


    Keep up that fabulous cycling and living those big dreams of yours.


    • Pheng Taing

      Wow, thank you very much Kākāpō Disaster Resilience Trust. It is a really generous donation of you.

  • Wayne

    Wayne on 02 Jan 2019


    good luck!


    • Pheng Taing

      Hey Wayne, that is really really generous of you! Thank for following our travel and we hope to meet you in Europe for 2019!

  • Vidushan

    Vidushan on 01 Jan 2019


    Enjoying seeing all your trip updates, glad you guys are pursuing something you love


    • Pheng Taing

      Thanks Vidu, good old highschool classmate coming to help (:

  • Wiremu W

    Wiremu W on 01 Jan 2019


    Seven blessings and may the Force be with you both.


    • Pheng Taing

      You absolutely nerd! Thanks Mumu for the laugh with your donation.

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$572 of $450 goal

Given by 5 generous donors in around 3 months

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