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Help koston get life changing treatment and surgery in america

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Koston aged 4 needs corrective bowel surgery and treatment in america. Please help him to get the treatment he needs and deserves.

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Hi my name is Candice and I'm a solo mum to 3 beautiful children. My oldest child is called koston. He is 4 and turning 5 in August.

Koston was born with v.a.t.e.r syndrome and was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.

Vater syndrome for him means that he was born with an imperforate anus, urethral fistula, lyringomelacia and narrowed nasal passage, butterfly vertebrae in 2 places in his spine(form of spinibifida) and his bowels were a mess plus minor heart and kidney problems.

At the age of 2 he was diagnosed with non verbal autism so that can be very frustrating for him with all he has been through and going through still.

He is such a beautiful and happy boy that wants more than anything to live and play normally.

In his short life he has undergone 25 surgeries and procedures and now we are unable to fix his bowels. He is still in nappies and will have a surgery for a mace next week to help clear his bowels. I have looked into other treatment programs overseas and found that cincinatti children's hospital have a bowel treatment program suitable for him and can offer him the corrective surgery so that he may be able to live a better life. Obviously he will still have the other health issues however if I can try to make his life easier by fixing one thing then as his mother I want more than anything to give him that. The program is $17000 plus I need to pay for flights to America and the surgery is an added cost which I'm guessing will be extremely expensive. More so then the treatment program. As I'm a single mother I have saved a little but mow I am asking for help to get my boy the treatment he desperately needs.

Please help get my son to America so that he may have a better chance at life.

I will be eternally grateful for any help received.

My kids are my world and I would love to ease my sons suffering even just a little.

Thank you

Candice Tuau's involvement (page creator)

I am kostons mother. Koston was born with v.a.t.e.r syndrome and diagnosed autism.

Use of funds

Funds will go towards:


Bowel treatment program


If I don't raise enough I will put it aside till I can afford the treatment and surgery.

If there is any surplus I will give back to the community in this forum

Latest update

Fb page  16 July 2018

Posted by: Candice Tuau

So I've been busy planning lots of ideas and ways to fundraise for kostons treatment. I've started a facebook page and personal blog for him and through this page I will post events and fundraisers and also sell items with all find a going directly towards our goals.

I will also post updates about him and it will be a wonderful way to introduce him to you all so you can all get to know this wonderful little boy of mine.

Thank you for all the support so far it is greatly appreciated.

From my family to the donors and other supporters of our cause we send our love and gratitude.

The facebook page is called get koston to america 4 treatment.

I'm so excited for what's ahead and will keep everyone posted.

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