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Help Linda get the dental treatment she needs!

Closed Cause page created in the Health category by Kaye Clyne for Linda Baker

$1,590 of $7,000 goal
Given by 45 generous donors in 8 weeks

After years on medication for health issues, Linda needs her teeth fixed. $7000 is what this is going to cost

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After years of health problems that have left her teeth in very poor condition giving her a lot of pain, Linda has got a quote to get them fixed but due to her health she is unable to work and therefore afford it.

Linda is always there for everyone else and it's time we, as a community have the opportunity to help her.

The last year or so has been very hard health wise for Linda - Christmas 2018 she had a heart attack and died on table, so as well as recovering from this she has brittle asthmatic which means she can stop breathing within 10 mins and has numerous times, fibromyalgia which destroyed her teeth and Chronic fatigue syndrome. Her mother passed away last year, which left her devastated and feeling very alone.

Her quote from a dentist in Auckland was $7000.

Linda is very conscious of her bad teeth - I've never seen her smile showing her teeth, she wants to have this done not only for her but her family

Please note: the bank account is under Linda's daughters name due to it being one without card access.

Kaye Clyne's involvement (page creator)

I am a friend who offered to help as Linda doesn't like to ask for help from people.

Use of funds

For the extraction, surgery and dentures

Latest update

Work in progress   10 July 2020

Posted by: Kaye Clyne

Work has been done for Linda and she is currently healing, it was a huge surgery went through and has been quite swollen and very sore but the end result will be fabulous

The other exciting news is that she didn’t realise how badly infected things were and had been getting super sick all time and pain etc now teeth removed this has gone and her whole body healing even the cardiac arrest was due to infection super scary but now all done and just need to pay things off, Linda truly appreciates everyone and what they have done thankyou ❤️❤️

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Latest donations

Aroha on 11 Jul 2020
Linda on 10 Jul 2020
Rochelle on 08 Jul 2020
I hope the recovery is smooth. Xx
Becky on 07 Jul 2020
Gemma on 06 Jul 2020
Loads of best wishes to you!

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Created by Kaye Clyne
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Paying to a verified bank account of Linda Baker

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This page was created on 2 Jun 2020 and closed on 31 Jul 2020.
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