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Help Me Get I Cancel You Audio Out to the World!!

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Join me in sharing I Cancel You around the world on audiobook. Help share about God’s miracle healing power around the world!

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A journey of faith, healing power and authority when you’re battling long-term illness. The incredible journey of someone who put their Christian faith into action...and survived cancer.

“Pancreatic cancer... seemed to have a long-winded echo as the doctor spoke. Maybe those

weren’t the words you or someone you love received; maybe the words echoed were a

different form of cancer, terminal illness, or maybe like the Apostle Paul, you have a long-

standing thorn in your flesh, causing you pain and suffering, even worse—tormenting you. Whatever your reasons are, I wrote this book with you in mind.” ~CHONTAE

Not everyone is healed of cancer or a debilitating illness... and yet some are. Discover

revelational keys on how to walk with God or support a loved one through illness, and

continue to believe for His healing love and power.

“This book has been written with thought to the reader, in which

keys and prayers have been included to give clear guidelines of

what to do as you journey into full recovery.”



Audio formatting was my first option for a book.

I remember the long days and nights sitting in a hospital bed lethargic, very ill, almost like a zombie and not being able to do anything other than listen to worship and my audio bible.

I had several healing books written by amazing Christians but couldn't read them due to my state of being during those times. I really would have loved those books I had to be in an audio format.

The bible says "Faith comes by hearing"

This has always been my desire to get this book done in an audio format.

What's even more amazing, the Spirit of God spoke to me and said that when someone purchases a hard copy or ebook to put a FREE link to my audio book. So that is what I am doing!


Will receive a free link to my audio book once it is complete. Please email me at



Use of funds

For only $1100.00 I can have my book professionally narrated then distributed to 30 online websites reaching 170 countries.

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    Most powerful book on healing I've ever read. Life-changer.


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$100 of $1,100 goal

Given by 3 generous donors in 4 weeks

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