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Help us get Chopper out of his cage at the pound and have a second chance at life.

Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty

Over three months ago, our 2 year old Rottweiler Chopper was going to the Vet to get de-sexed, we didn't realise that this trip to the vet would leave us fighting to save his life.

On October 14th 2021, Chopper was seized after biting the vet and placed at the pound where he has been for over three months now. He has not been exercised, his legs have been injured from the sharp corners of his plastic bed, his cage gets hosed down with him in there so he is left constantly wet, and has had no mental stimulation for the majority of his time there. He gets human contact for an hour a day when my mum visits.

We have been trying to get Chopper sent to a rescue shelter if he can't return home but the council will not release him and keep delaying his court hearing for months at a time.

This Give a Little page has become a last resort because the pound fees, court fees and Lawyer fees are adding up and any donation to put towards this is so greatly appreciated.

Chopper is a loving family dog. He's grown up playing basketball with my little brother and his friends. He loves to be part of family gatherings waiting for someone to rub his belly. He deserves none of this and we will not stop fighting until Chopper is freed. We are incredibly sorry to the vet and glad they are back operating again, but we do not believe that Chopper deserves to spend this long in such a sad environment and just want to do the best for him and help Chopper heal from this horrible situation. I will be updating on our -Chopper #savechopper- facebook page where all these funds will be put towards. On that page I am updating every few days on whats going on and Choppers condition.

Ryan Brown's involvement (page creator)

My name is Ryan Tarawhiti-Brown and I am doing this to help my Mum and Chopper. I promised my mum I would do all I can as I am stuck in Australia and can't be there with her right now.

Use of funds

Pound fees, rehabilitation for Chopper and legal fees.

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Ramari 13 hours ago
Feel so sad for poor Chopper. Fingers crossed the judge will see reason
Maree 6 days ago
It is not right or humane to keep Chopper in the pound. He and his family must be very distressed. Do the right thing Tauranga Council and give Chopper back to his family.
Carla 6 days ago
Kia Ora Whanau, Koha From The Henry & Witika Whanau xxx
Elizabeth 6 days ago
You should let us know who the incompetent vet was or his/her assistant. Of course a dog going to the vet may bite. I hope you get justice for Chopper.
Debbie 6 days ago
All the very best Chopper. The conditions and the length of time you have been held are appalling. Shame on you Tauranga council.

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