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Help Poppy fight Cancer 🐾

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Poppy needs surgery to fight cancer and keep living her best life. 🐾

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A couple of weeks ago my beautiful girl Poppy was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer.

The initial prognosis was pretty scary, but the vets noted Poppy’s happy demeanour was not typical of dogs with Osteosarcoma, so off we went to the specialist for CT Scans & surgical Biopsy.

Luckily, Poppy has pet insurance which covered all the initial tests. This has given us the opportunity to diagnose rather than going straight to amputation which is the usual first line of treatment for Osteosarcoma. (Mainly for pain relief, which Pops was not really presenting with.. as she jumped around the specialist room smiling)

The results showed Poppys tumor is a rare type of surface osteosarcoma - Growing on the outer surface layer and has not yet spread to the central bone. (Yay) Her chest X-rays are clear with no signs of spread to the lungs (yay). She’s in some discomfort, but not in great pain still racing around the dog park trying to be the fastest.

The specialist vet thinks there’s a good chance he can remove the tumor and save her leg.

If the tumor is involved with any main arteries then amputation would be his next step -but we won’t know the outcome until surgery day.

Poppy is booked for surgery on 20 August.

She should recover well from either scenario but will need follow up care and heaps of cuddles. 🐾🌸

So far, the Insurance has covered all the diagnostic costs but there is only $4,000 max remaining pay out, with surgery & post care estimated at over $10,000

I can’t even imagine not trying to save this beautiful girls life - she is so very loved.

It’s hard to ask for help, but Poppy deserves every chance to keep living her very best life. If you feel you can help Poppy we will be forever grateful 💕

Thoughts and prayers also received with gratitude 🙏

Will update this page as she progresses the fight.

Use of funds

All funds raised will go to surgery & treatment to help Poppy fight this disease.

The estimated costs at this stage would mean surplus is unlikely, but in the event there is excess it would be thoughtfuly donated, most likely to dog cancer research

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Poppy starts Chemo.  8 September 2019

Guys Poppy is doing really well!

Her pants are starting to grow back and the incision line has healed without infection or issues.

She’s able to do short walks although by the end she’s limping will take a while for the leg & muscles to strengthen up. Week 3 thumbs up!

The chemo always needed to follow either leg saving surgery or amputation because Osteosarcoma has a tendency to metastasise.

So with the chemo we are trying to pick up any microscopic cancers who may have ideas of going to places like her lungs.

Dog Chemo is not like people chemo & thank goodness.

It’s fairly gentle on them with a low incidence of anything serious other than lethargy & upset tum. Poppy’s doing ok on day 5. A LOT of sleep & slight tummy hiccup which she overcame quickly.

There’s all sorts of debate & different things you can try with the idea to naturally support the immune system to help it fight cancer.

Poppy has had this cancer for at least a year, and her immune system, which is now compromised, was unable to kill it.

Time to bring in the big guns. We have a chance to kill this cancer & need to try with Chemo which personally I have always been very must against.

We check her white blood count next week to see if she is ok to have the next round of about 5-6 chemo sessions in total.

She ran out of the last session smiling :D

There’s an amazing community on Instagram of people impacted by osteosarcoma- Young kids & Dogs.

These kids & what they are going through with their chemo is just so heartbreaking. It’s really strong stuff & not at all like what Pops is receiving. Makes you realise how lucky we are.

We’ve had lots of support from dog owners all over the world fighting this too & it really helps to have that community of people in the same boat. Social Media is not all bad. If you’re interested at all just look at #osteosarcoma on Instagram.

Poppy’s form of osteosarcoma is rare and we simply don’t know what the biology will be from here.

The human studies (also rare) which is all we have for reference shows promising prognosis. By that I mean we hope the tumor is contained locally and will not metastasise or grow back.

So fingers are crossed. Keep the faith

Poppy has 5 more Chemo at (@$800 per session) plus blood tests & 1 or 2 more CT scans for checking how chemo has worked before we know where we’ve landed.

There’s an amazing dog physio who is not cheap but as anyone who’s had an injury & had physio knows just so valuable!

So hoping to squeeze in a couple of sessions to support this new leg with bones & muscles that have been cut up & are reforming.

Thanks guys xxoo will update gallery with a cpl more pics of No Pants Poppy

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    Linda on 08 Sep 2019



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    Vanessa on 21 Aug 2019


    All the best Poppy. Stacey, so heartening to hear Poppy is comfortable after her op. Come home soon fur baby !


  • Rob and Maranda

    Rob and Maranda on 21 Aug 2019


    Glad to help


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 20 Aug 2019


    So glad Poppy's surgery was successful. Love seeing poppy's adventures on Instagram ❤🐾


  • Jo, Damian and Avalon

    Jo, Damian and Avalon on 20 Aug 2019


    Glad to hear surgery went well Poppy 💖


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Given by 48 generous donors in 9 weeks

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