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Help our dad be there for his grandkids

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The life prolonging treatment for dad is unattainably expensive and dad wants to stick around to be a good grandad

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In 2018 dad had a bit of a scare, ended up having to get a kidney out (it is called a nephrectomy)

Everything was going well. The cancer was removed and the only thing remaining was a gnarly scar and a healthier lifestyle.

Fast forward to August 2020; dad had an annual scan; They detected that the cancer had 'metastasized' and is now growing in 5 lymph nodes in his chest.

In New Zealand, the first line of treatment available with public funding is called Sunitinib

It has got some nasty side effects. And may not even be effective.

For effective treatment of advanced kidney cancer dad needs something called:

Pembrolizumab (Keytruda), which is even more effective when used in combination with Axitinib tablets.

Unfortunately, both Keytruda and Axitinib are not funded in New Zealand. The cost of this treatment is approximately $19,000 per month and is potentially ongoing as a life prolonging treatment rather than a cure.

Recent advances in radiology have also been shown to be effective in certain cases, which would be an additional cost. A 15-day course of radiation will cost $30,000, should it be added to the treatment plan.

Scans, consultations, and travel all have their costs as well.

If anyone deserves a bit of help it is my dad, he's worked so hard his whole life (and is still working even during treatment) to support his family. One thing that amazes me about dad is his ability to stay cheerful and have a laugh even though he's faced with such a horrible situation.

Please donate whatever you can afford and leave dad a message of support. Help Dad stick around so he can keep playing golf with his friends, and send hilarious (and sometimes inappropriate jokes on facebook)

Help dad stick around so he can spoil my kids with way to much sugar and lollies but bring joy to their faces everytime they see him.

To give you all some background about me:

In 1989 my wife and I became divorced, and I ended up becoming a solo dad of my 2 boys "Jeff and Mat “. At that time, they were aged 3 and 5.

The 3 of us moved up to Auckland from Taupo and so it all began.

Put my eldest into Primary school and the youngest into the local kindy in New Lynn.

I also started a job with Telecom at the same time.

And so, the mundane of it all began, but I would not have it any other way.

My days consisted of getting up early and making breakfast for the boys, while they scoffed that down I made their lunches for the day.

From there I would drop Mat off to Kindy, Jeff off to school and I then zoomed off to Work.

Come 3pm each day I would meet Jeff from School, pick up Mat and take them home.

WHEW !!! Then it was washing clothes, making tea for all including ironing of some clothes. I only had 3 shirts for 5 days of work, so I had to do washing

each night.

And then there were sports for the boys etc etc. So, as you can imagine I had no time to think about anything. Just Action!!!!!!!

Luckily, I had plenty of energy and lots of focus to keep me going, although money was tight.

A few Years later I applied to see if my boys would be accepted into Dilworth School.

We were all interviewed and both boys became Dilworth boys at different years.

Both boys are now adults and my youngest; Mat; has 2 boys as well, so I have 2 Grandchildren " Sebastian and Lucas who are now 8 and 3.

Unfortunately, they are in Palmerston North so I do not get to see them as much as I would like. Mind you, in saying that technology is great and we video call lots. Gosh they grow so fast. !!!!!

I have a 2-bedroom unit in Millwater which is nice and peaceful.

Even though I get really tired on these Cancer drugs I still work 4 days a week. I think I need to keep my mind busy at the moment. !!!!

I am getting a few different side effects but am managing them reasonably well. But I try not to complain.

The cancer journey is tough, frightening, and expensive, but every time I look at my boys or my grandchildren, it helps me stay focused.

Mathew Pendleton's involvement (page creator)

Im doing what I can to help out my dad

Use of funds

The funds will go towards the cost of treatment

Latest donations

Tracy 10 hours ago
Luigi 15 hours ago
You're a trooper, Rob, and a great friend. Stay positive. Gino and Charmaine.
Lori 21 hours ago
Prayers for his recovery from the U.S.
Mathew Pendleton

From dad: Thank you 🙏 Lori for your generosity and thoughts

Mathew Pendleton
Jenny 1 day ago
Keep up the inappropriate Facebook jokes 😆👊🏼
Mathew Pendleton

From dad: I will indeed lol: thank you so much for your donation.

Mathew Pendleton
Shelley 1 day ago
Dearest Robbie, you're one of this world's real good guys! We've had so many belly laughs. Love and healing to you my friend ❤
Mathew Pendleton

From dad: Thanks heaps for your kind words Shelley.. I agree, we’ve had some huge laughter sessions over the years... AND hopefully many more xx

Mathew Pendleton

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