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Help Riz recover from an Unfortunate Surgery that's caused him to be Paraplegic.

Closed Cause page created in the Health category by Manny Pradhan for "The Funds are being raised to assist with my friend Riz's Medical Costs."

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I am raising funds to assist with Riz's Medical costs to recover from Paraplegia

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Riz’s story goes back a few years when he was diagnosed with a Nerve Compression in The Dorsal Spine 8. The Neuro Surgeon advised surgery and was hoping for a full recovery. Riz trusted the surgeon's advise and went ahead with surgery, unfortunately the surgery didn't go as planned it caused permanent nerve damage in the lower spine which paralysed the lower half of his body from Navel to Toe and losing all sensation with losing control over his bowel and urine movements.

He then further developed bedsores after the surgery that was Grade 4+ Sacral Bedsore of 15cms x 15cms x 10cms with a tunnel cavity of about 20cc in dimensions which required Plastic surgery. The surgery was done to give him relief but unfortunately that did not go well either. The recovery from this problem became a bigger challenge as the wound had become bigger in size and needed more caring and medical treatment for healing.

After failure of 2 surgeries in a span of less than 1 year he was in a state of depression and lost all hope of any recovery. Never the less, it has been exactly 2 years now that he has continued and persevered on this very painful, stressful journey like a true soldier and a super hero. No doubt there have been numerous occasions on which he has thought of quitting but every time life seems to throw him a lifeline and he gets determined to fight this battle.

Doctors suggested for a long term Neuro Rehabilitation treatment to aid his recovery. Antiseptic Medications, Robotics Exoskeleton, Orthoses and Aggressive Therapy for Stretching, ROM Exercises and Endurance Training.

It’s in the last 6 months that he has been able to make some degree of progress. He is on the right path of treatment for recovery as there is significant reduction in pain, spasticity and improvement in trunk control and posture. He has started taking steps with body weight support system with Orthoses and a walker and is able to transfer his body weight from his bed to chair. The next step would be gaining bowel and bladder control and able to support himself on his own. Seeing his progress doctors recommend that he continues with his treatment for at least 3 – 4 months.

The monthly cost of treatment is approx. USD 16,500 and the treatment cost for 4 months is approx. USD 66,000.

Riz is not married and has no parents. His sister stays with him 24/7 by his bedside having put her own personal life on hold. With no insurance and a job, so far all medical and recovery costs have been paid by using his personal savings which has been depleted, and some help from family and close friends. He has reached a point where he has spent all his life savings, liquidated all his assets and is relying on your help to continue with his treatment.

On behalf of Riz we humbly request your assistance to help him continue with his treatment to get his life back.

Manny Pradhan's involvement (page creator)

Riz and me grew up together as best friends in the city of Mumbai, India.

I would like to help him recover to allow him to live unassisted.

Use of funds

The Funds will be utilised fully to fund Riz's Medical Costs and recovery.

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Supporting himself  17 June 2020

Posted by: Manny Pradhan

Its good to see him getting stronger slowly.

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Brian on 04 Jul 2020
You’re a great friend Manny!
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Best wishes 💖💖💖
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Guest Donor on 19 Jun 2020

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