Help support Carmen's studies after the sudden loss of her father

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This fundraiser was created to support Carmen to continue her vet studies after the sudden loss of her father.

In the early hours of Monday 18th January Carmen received the news that she had lost her dad in South Africa.

In 2019, Carmen left behind her family in SA and came to New Zealand at just 18 years of age to study veterinary science at Massey University. She lives with her partner in Palmerston North. Carmen has been very involved in community events, volunteering for a local cat charity and cat club.

Like many others, Carmen's family was hit hard by COVID. Coupled with her father's failing health, this contributed to increasing financial difficulty and Carmen's father was not able to cover her tuition fees in full for 2020. With her father's passing and delays with her resident visa application, Carmen has been left in a very difficult position. After two years of hard work and dedication and almost half way through her veterinary degree, Carmen faces the possibility of having to abandon her studies. As a young international student without access to a student loan, covering tuition is going to be extremely difficult.

We have created this fundraiser to try to help Carmen stay in vet school. Any donations will go towards her tuition fees. Carmen should have the time and space to grieve the loss of her father without the added financial stress she has been left with.

Carmen is an intelligent, thoughtful and dedicated student who has made a life here in New Zealand and given much of her time to the work of non-profits in our community. She intends to stay here with her partner on completion of her studies and will be an extremely valuable member of our community and the profession. Carmen is loved friend and classmate. Please help us keep her here.

The total amount needed to cover Carmen's tuition, including the outstanding amount for 2020, is $103,273.39.

Victoria Skinner's involvement (page creator)

I am a close friend, colleague and classmate of Carmen.

Use of funds

Funds raised will be put towards Carmen's tuition at Massey University.

If excess funds are raised they will be donated to local cat charity Outpawed.

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Guest Donor on 15 Jun 2021
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Private Donor on 25 May 2021
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Guest Donor on 09 Mar 2021
Again, we wish you the best for your studies.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 08 Mar 2021
We hope this makes life a little easier. All the best for your studies.
Arron on 02 Mar 2021

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