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Help support Carmen's studies after the sudden loss of her father

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    David asks

    Hi Victoria,

    Does the $103k allow Carmen to finish all of her Vet studies?

    on 4 Mar 2021

    • Victoria Skinner


      Hi David, thanks for your question. In short, yes.

      The 103k would pay for the overdue 2020 fees plus one more year's tuition. Carmen is expecting some insurance money which she can stretch to cover two years of fees (she has 3 years remaining). She is currently working 20 hours a week (on top of her studies) to meet her living costs.

      This means that we just need to raise enough for one year's tuition plus the outstanding amount from last year - this is the 103k. If we can do this for her she will be able to complete her studies and stay in New Zealand. Even if we can get part way, she's working really hard to come up with the funds to make it happen.

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